How to find the True Form of Shandi in Lost Ark

Players will be required to complete a number of new quests as part of the Illusion Bamboo Island in Lost Ark. One of these quests requires that players inspect Shandi’s photo and locate Shandi as he really is. You may feel confused as there are many lookalikes around the area. Here are the steps to locate Shandi in his True form in Lost Ark.

How to find the True Form of Shandi in Lost Ark

This is your objective: to find the true Shandi, and distinguish them from the Phantoms. To begin, you will need to grab the Phantom Reading device. To do a Phantom Reading, hold the Q button and then release it again. You can also scan any Phantom Shandi nearby by holding the device.

To see Shandi as he is, press F5. Pay attention to the Yellow Girdle as many Phantoms will be wearing them. Also, he has silver hair. Some Phantoms may have darker hair. Although the exact locations of my Shandis may vary depending on who you are, here is where they were.

Once you have found three instances of Shandi in his true form, the quest will move forward and you’ll be able to continue the journey. Next, you will need to go to Yoz’s Dimension Gate in order find Shandi’s Trial. You will receive some nice rewards for completing Illusion Bamboo Island if you follow the quest chain.

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