How to Find Sand and Clay in Raft

Clay and Sand are among some of the richest resources to found / Find in Raft

There are many survival games available which are free to download, but one that is as original as Raft. The game’s players must live by surviving in the sea, trapped in a place which appears to be sinking under the deep in the abyss. Only an artificial construction (or the Raft) to live.

Sand as well as Clay can be two most valuable sources available to you when playing. They can both be used to develop more advanced technology and build an environment that is self-sustaining.

Today we’ll take a examine how to locate Sand as well as Clay on Raft.

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How to Find Sand and Clay in Raft

Sand, Clay and other sources in Raft which can be used to make a variety of items. For instance, Glass and a Smelter which can be used to melt Metal Ore copper, Sand Seaweed along with other.

Here’s how you can obtain both of them:

  • Sand: Sand discovered by exploring an island in the middle of the ocean, anchoring your Raft, and digging it up using the aid of a Plastic Hook. Just set up the device , and then left-click while placing your cursor in the Sand deposit. This will trigger the digging motion and capture the Sand.
  • Clay: Clay Clay is found when you travel to an island by anchoring your Raft, and digging up the grayish lumps of Clay from the depths of. For this, you’ll require an Plastic Hook in hand before making a left-click and then hovering with your cursor over your Clay deposit. After that, you’ll begin collecting the clay.

Be aware it is true that Sand as well as Clay are commonly located in reef areas close to the islands. This means that you’ll have to look for beige rock as well as other items near the reefs around the islands. As always, keep an eye for Sharks!

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