How to Find Olvidado Pueblo, and how to open the mine in Weird West

There are many quests in Weird West. They span its five journeys. While most of them emphasize choices and consequences there are a few that require you to solve puzzles. The Protector’s final quest requires you to find Olvidado Pueblo, which is the most difficult. This can be difficult, so keep reading if you have any questions.

You’ll have taken the three bracelets to The Scholar by this point and marked the Olvidado Pueblo on your map. You will find a large and almost empty map there. Remember the three riddles on the bracelets? They will tell you where to stand in order to summon the settlement. Look at the screenshot below to locate the right spot. You’ll be able to hear a little music sting when you are certain you have. The entire town will flash in a flash of light if you stand still on the stones between trees and rocks.

The next step is to get to the mine entrance. This requires some navigation skills. You will find the largest house in the town, with the bricked-up windows. Follow the staircase to the balcony. Jump around the first regular window. Follow the path to loose floorboards and climb inside. There is only one way out of most rooms. Break through the boards to get to the lower floor. Continue following this route to the piano room. But don’t go in. Instead, go up the stairs to reach a room that you can’t get to before. Turn the switch here and go back downstairs. There are some locked rooms now.

Enter the piano room to fight the Wraith. Continue on the path to the mine entrance. It isn’t possible yet. To commune with spirits, you’ll first need to find a way to do so. Fortunately, a new quest marker can be found back at Thriving place. To open the main house’s doors, throw the switch at the mine entrance. This will save you a lot time when you return.

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Return to Thriving place and West Standing Woman will inform you that spirit-walking ceremonies require Mashkiki bark and copper. You probably already have copper. You can either get it from different mines or melt a copper bar. But you will need a copper nugget. You’ll find another quest marker that will lead you to the tree, where you can remove the bark. These can be returned to West Standing Woman and a cutscene will be played. You’ll then be able talk to spirits. These icons are displayed on the minimap and can be seen by moon icons. You’ve probably seen them quite a few times before.

With your new ability, return to Olvidado Pueblo. You will have to battle a few Ravenous upon your arrival. Depending on your quest choices, your cousin could attack you. So defend yourself against him. To summon the town, you should stand at the same place as before after the battle. Talk to the ghost children by going through the front door, which you may have opened previously. You’ll learn the secret signal to open a mine. This will be added to you inventory as a “key.” Once you have the key, you can enter the mine and face the greed spirit.

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