How to Fast Travel in Diablo Immortal

This feature in Diablo Immortal allows you to fast travel anywhere on the map

You probably already know that Diablo Immortal launched if you landed here. The epic open-world ARPG is now available for download on every PC and mobile device.

Upon opening the game for the first time, however, you will be surprised at how large the map actually is. The game actually has eight huge regions. As you can see, it can be very time-consuming to travel around these large areas on foot. Many have wondered if Diablo Immortal could be used to speed travel.

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This article will show you how to travel fast in Diablo Immortal.

How to fast Travel in Diablo Immortal

Fast travel, also known as teleportation, is a feature found in many open-world games. This feature allows players to instantly travel from one place to another on the map without having to travel it in real-time, or even on foot. This greatly reduces travel time.

You can see how useful this feature can be over time with Diablo Immortal having one of the eight larger maps.

Like other games, players must first discover an area to be able to fast travel to it later. This feature can only be unlocked if you progress in the story. Once you unlock this feature, you can travel fast in Diablo Immortal using what are known as “Waypoints”.

Waypoints are usually located in small villages and watch areas scattered throughout the map. These are highlighted on the mini map with a purple icon. These waypoints can be accessed by simply walking over to them. The game will then notify you that it is possible to use the game to speed travel.

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Most waypoints will be surrounded with civilians. This is a good indicator that one is nearby.

After that, you can view your map and see the location of each waypoint. You can then select the one that you wish to travel to and begin your journey. Remember that fast travels will require you charge your phone for a few seconds before you can use it. You should only travel when you feel safe and there are no enemies.

You can use the auto navigation feature to navigate to the destination you are trying reach if there is no waypoint. This is however a less convenient option as you are more likely to run into enemies along your journey. This means that you’ll probably need to take control at some point.

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