How to Farm Red Border Weapons in Destiny 2

Introduced Red Border weapons into Destiny 2 was an unpopular choice for many. It allowed weapon crafting on the table. On the otherhand, it meant that we had to hunt weaponry with red borders in Destiny 2, on top of all the other tasks such as items, resources, and other resources were already available to harvest.

The grind that comes with weaponry with red borders in Destiny 2 is real – particularly since certain weapons only drop after certain activities. Naturally you’ll be looking to ensure you’re grinding your way through activities as quickly as you can.

This guide will attempt to shed some information on the farming of red-border weapons within Destiny 2.

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How to Farm Red Border Weapons in Destiny 2

How to Farm red border weapons in Destiny 2

Unfortunately, you can’t. It’s not even in the traditional sense of farming. There’s no equivalent loot cave for weapons with red borders. They’re entirely based on RNG and activity and have no means to alter that RNG.

If you’re trying to acquire the red-border weapons of Destiny 2, the only thing you have to do is finish your task that you like as quickly and swiftly as is possible.

There are many different sources of deep-sight resonance weapons available in Destiny 2, all of with diverse pools of drops. If, for instance, you wanted to harvest the strike weapons, then the only method to accomplish that would be to open the strike playlist and finish every run as fast as you can. In addition, there’s nothing else you could accomplish.

There are several methods to ensure the drop of red borders from certain actions once a week, however. For instance that it is possible to drop a red border from the Vow of the Desciple raid comes with the hidden chest which guarantees a high-quality resonance weapon every week. It’s also possible to use the War Table in the HELM also comes with an upgrade that allows the first weapon you buy each week to be the red-bordered version.

Therefore, unless you’re looking for the red border of raids or seasonal weapons, the only option is to carry out the process that will drop the weapon you want.

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Destiny 2 – Sources of Deepsight Resonance Weapons

There are a few various sources for weapons with red borders in Destiny 2. As more weapons are included in the crafting of weapons system the sources list will likely increase until it takes over every single activity within the game.

In the end, however these are the principal sources you’ll be sourcing for deep-sight weapons In Destiny 2:

  • Wellspring Weapons
  • Throne World Weapons
  • Raid Weapons
  • World Pool – Strikes/Crucible/Gambit
  • Seasonal Activities

Beyond doing every activity quickly, however there’s nothing that you could do in order to enhance your performance. We’d like to have more tips for you however, that’s what is required playing the game.

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