How to facet Ability Stones in Lost Ark

Faceting the Ability Stone: Facet an Ability Stones in Lost Ark can appear like a daunting job initially However, it’s actually fairly easy when you break it down to its simplest concept.

Abilities Stones from Lost Ark add additional nodes to your engravings they are an essential component of builds for the end of the game that boost your character’s special abilities and power. You should definitely want to facet an Ability Stones that offers great benefits for your class.

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To obtain an Ability Stone To face an Ability Stone, you’ll first must locate the Stone Cutter. They can be found in the majority of the towns in the game’s major cities However, we’ll focus on one. Stone Cutter named Brite, which is located in Luterra Castle. The location of his residence is indicated with a blue crystal symbol on the map. It is as follows:

How to use Facet Ability Stones

Engage With the Stone Cutter by bringing Ability Stones that you’ve accumulated through playing. Ability Stones can be used to create different Engravings These are skills and buffs that enhance the character’s abilities.

If you face an Ability Stone against an Stone Cutter You’ll want to fill up the top two rows with nodes, and not allowing too many nodes to be found on the 3rd row which will result in an ability debuff.

Nodes can be made or damaged by clicking on the icon that is next to them. In the case of Silver the game, you’ll make each of the nodes with an icon that resembles a gem or a cracked icon. If you’re successful it’s the gem. A +2 will be displayed underneath the crack, and it’s broken in the event that you are unsuccessful. Each node has its own success rate that is recorded in the window. It’s entirely random which you’ll get.

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In essence, you should have the most icons +1 feasible on the blue row, and as few as is possible on the red row.

After all nodes are completed you can then apply the stone with a faceted Ability Stone by drag it onto the character (press P for the character’s window) within the Ability Stone slots.

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