How to down Survivors with Victor’s pounce as The Twins in Dead by Daylight

The Twins is among the most difficult Killers to play as seen in Dead by Daylight. Charlotte and Victor are able to split each other, giving the Killer an increased scope of vision and detection and making them much more deadly during the process. This guide will show you how to use Victor’s pounce to take down survivors, so that you are able to easily take the two of them out in any Trial.

How to down Survivors with Victor’s pounce

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To knock down a Survivor by a Victor’s pounce you should attack any Survivor who already has an injury. If you strike healthy Survivor, Victor will attach himself to the victim and eventually injure the Survivor. However, that’s not what you’re looking for. We discovered that the most efficient method to knock down Survivors with Victor’s pounce was for us to race around in the form of Charlotte as well as injure handful of Survivors before they were injured. After that, we could utilize Victor to pounce on the same Survivors and take them down quickly, which allowed us to hook them up as Charlotte later.

How to down Survivors with Victors pounce as The Twins

When you remove Victor and you gain control over him and he’ll be able to travel around much more quickly than Charlotte or the majority of Killers. Victor is also smaller, and doesn’t notify Survivors by making the same sound as major Killers use to alert Survivors. The pounce attack has to be charged prior to being able to strike the Survivor and is difficult to use as you have to arrange it in a line in a straight line, and Victor is more sluggish when his Pounce is activated. The most effective way to ensure an unbeatable Survivor lower is to attack the injured Survivor when they’re trying to work on the generator or helping an other Survivor.

Victor and Charlotte can spot Survivors when they’re not active and therefore, it’s ideal to use them as proximity alarms. Set Victor close to a generator in the course of a Trial and then go about as Charlotte is slashing at the Survivors. Go back to Victor when you notice an emitted heartbeat. You are likely to find some to attack. After you’ve hurt several of them, call Victor and set Charlotte as an alarm to alert an attached Survivor or generator. If you use this strategy, you will not be disappointed and you can score a lot of knocked down Survivors with that”pounce” attack.

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