How to destroy the Pristine Stone Mask of Peaks in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Your first job to complete in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope’s second world. Pristine Peaks, is to climb the mountain, The route is long and winding and once you reach the summit and reach the second half of the game, you’ll need to face The Stone Mask. It’s a challenging battle, so continue reading to find out the best strategy.

How to defeat the Stone Mask

It’s not a straightforward boss fight , and more of an event-based battle or siege. It’s necessary to break three stone masks in order to defeat the boss Each mask has higher health than the other. Fortunately, the mechanism is similar for all three of them: when you exhale air, they knock your back if you’re standing in the way, leaving the player little room to move after you’ve regained your feet. It’s a good thing that this is applicable to opponents, so be sure to keep to keep this in mind for the future stone masks are actually able to be employed to your advantage in subsequent combat.

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In the meantime you must destroy three masks. The good news is that there are Bob-ombs everywhere and the mask can be nearly destroyed with just one blast. It is possible to finish it off by using a specific attack or shot using any weapon. The area of battle gets larger as you progress through the masks and it is important to keep time with your movements between exhales so that you don’t get blow back. This is crucial when you get to your third Stone Mask because there are Lone Wolf enemies there. Being blown back counts as movement. This means that you’ll trigger their overwatch. Make sure you are aware of this when it is happening.

This is the general most important rule of thumb to follow throughout the whole battle Do not let yourself be in the crossfire. This includes both the Stone Mask wind and the enemy fire’s burning attacks (running in the fire causes shots from the Lone Wolves’ shots). It’s possible to be knocked down a few times and then pick yourself up and keep going. Keep your eyes on the road and you’ll get through this maze.

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