How to beat Zomboss in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Within the depths of Shattergrave Barrow is a weapon vital to protect the Wonderlands and it’s the Sword of Souls. The mighty weapon is protected by a powerful force: Zomboss. The undead creature might not appear tough but they are able to deliver the punch when you are involved in their attacks. It is possible to defeat them however if you’ve got the right weaponry and knowledge. Here’s how to defeat Zomboss on Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Who is Zomboss in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

Zomboss can be described as one of the bosses in the campaign that you’ll fight during the Wonderlands. The boss is located near close to the finish of Shattergrave Barrow. The area will be accessible following the clearing of Brighthoof of undead in the attack. You as well as Butt Stallion will travel through the graves in search of The Sword of Souls. After you defeat the boss, you’ll be able to return towards Grave Nave. Grave Nave fast travel point.

Zomboss starts the battle by emerging from a grave in the middle of the stadium. The arena is tiny but it is easy to navigate. After waking from the grave Zomboss usually charges at you through their sword. It is possible to outrun them by bouncing through the area. Beyond the sword slashes Zomboss is also armed with two tricks in their arsenal. The second is a barrage with dark magic. It is a ranged attack which the boss uses in which they throw the balls of magic at you. They can be repelled by turning either to either the left or right.

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defeat Zomboss in Tiny Tinas Wonderlands

The thing you have to be aware of is gravity pulling. Zomboss will stretch out their arms and you’ll notice a blue aura appear. If this happens they will lure you into their world. Utilize the pillars to stop yourself from being pulled in. If you are, Zomboss will get a sure hit from their sword, which could kill you. Be aware of the Skeletons within the room, too as they could cause issue. It is important to have weapons that can deal with poison and fire injury. This can make it easy to take down the boss.

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