How to defeat Radagon of the Golden Order: Elden Ring Guide

The question is How do you defeat Radagon of The Golden Order in Elden Ring? This is the last boss fight in the main storyline which takes the place of Leyndell, Capital of Ash. This Elden Ring guide we’ll try show the best way to defeat Radagon who is part of the Golden Order.

About Radagon

Radagon of the Golden Order is a Boss in the Elden Ring. Radagon is known as known as the “other part” in the story of the Queen Marika is a tall and fractured god who wields the hammer that destroyed the Elden Ring, and is located inside the Elden Throne. The boss is not an option, since it’s the beginning of the final fight of the game.

Lord Radagon Of the Golden Order was a champion of great strength who wore beautiful red hair. He arrived in these territories at the top of a huge golden host, and was able to meet Lady Rennala during the battle. He soon repented of his violations of the territorial laws and was married to Lady Rennala, the Carian Queen. However. In the time that Godfrey was his first Elden Lord was chased out of his home in Lands Between, Radagon left Rennala in order to return home to Erdtree Capital, becoming Queen Marika’s second-in-law and King Consort. The title was changed to… that of the second Elden Lord.

How to defeat Radagon of the Golden Order

In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can defeat Radagon in the Golden Order in Elden Ring. We’ll also provide the outline of the enemy, boss fight strategies and items that drop.

Radagon of the Golden Order: Boss Fight Strategy

The final boss fight of the entire game! You’ve come this far and now what’s the next two challenges? You’ve to battle each one back to back. The Radagon from The Golden Order is the first to be defeated, followed by the Elden Ring, the final boss. It isn’t possible to rest in the Place of Grace between these two and will have to fight the boss who is the final one having the same health level, FPS (Focus points) and healing flasks when you finish the fight. This means that you’ll have to think about defeating Radagon from the Golden Order, but you also have to do it without numerous charges from that Sacred Flask.

The majority of Radagon of the Golden Order’s attacks are centered around lightning. The rogue will throw daggers at you from a distance, filled with the element, then slam on the ground, causing shock waves to the entire area around him and then send shock waves with his simple attacks. It’s also a rare technique that he uses to take your opponent’s body and smash them to the ground two times and inflict massive damage. Another move to watch out for is when he hits on the ground 3 times with the third one letting him suspended in the air for a while before unleashing a devastating strike. If you witness this happening, move to the opposite direction.

defeat Radagon of the Golden Order

For how to take on this boss challenge we suggest this strategy: mimic tear ashes. At this point you should have it upgraded to +10 to create the most accurate copy of yourself. Start activating it at the beginning of the fight and let it rip you to pieces. The issue for this particular boss is that it just takes a couple of attacks to bring it back at you. It’s impossible for Mimic Tear Ashes to endure the agression for very long. Therefore, you’ll need to strike first, and then swiftly withdraw so that your copy is able to start hitting the boss.

Even though you’ll have to manage your healing flasks you’ll need to be aggressive in the fight. It’s possible to stun the boss when you are able to take enough hits this manner, after which you’ll be open to a devastating strike. To defend, employ an array of dodging and blocking. Sometimes it’s more effective to accept the damage to your chip by avoiding one of the boss’s hits rather than trying to push it away and absorbing the full force. If you own one of the Ashes of War known as Bloody Slash which is great for causing a lot of damage to the boss in one strike.

After you’ve defeated Radagon of the Golden Order, a scene will start and you’ll be required to fight the final boss right after. There no reward and runes to be won to those who beat Radagon from the Golden Order, so at least you don’t need the worry of losing them during the second battle.

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