Elden Ring: How to Defeat Malenia, Blade of Miquella

While it’s not a mandatory boss In Elden Ring, Malenia, Blade of Miquella, is extremely difficult to beat. Here’s the information you must know about winning.

FromSoftware doesn’t often support the concept of layered difficulty as well Elden Ring isn’t an exception. The Japanese developer likes to keep an unambiguous line between challenges in the game and the amount of effort required to overtake these challenges. Although most Elden Ring adversaries can take care of players in just a few strikes, the game’s extreme difficulty shines brightest in fights with bosses. The bosses that are tied to the main story have been designed as enemy to players by default. However, the encounter with Malenia, Blade of Miquella is the most difficult boss fight within The Lands Between and perhaps even more so.

Where is Malenia Blade of Miquella

Malenia Blade of Miquella is located in the secluded city of Elphael situated near the base of the mysterious Haligtree. Malenia is an optional boss that requires players to discover various other mysteries in the region before they are able to find her humble home. Because of her style or the incredible storyline, Malenia enjoys popularity among players. Competing against her it’s a different story.

Breaking Down The Fight Against Malenia

Similar to other powerful boss fights in games, this one battle consists of two distinct phases. In the initial phase she’s as a flimsy, weak form and is relying on a series of melee combinations that include swift sweeps and slashes. They typically begin with a subtle kick sequence and are followed by an overhead slam or grasp, one or slash, or a series of slashes. The kick combo aside the most effective attack of Malenia in this stage can be seen in the Waterfowl Dance, when she jumps up into the air and gracefully spins across the space while throwing several slashes with her blade in a series of rounds.

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The second chapter starts with a cutscene which Malenia appears in her full winged, winged appearance. A majority of her melee attacks from the first phase are carried over to the second and some of the new ones expand the power of her attack to bring about the dreadful Scarlet Rot. Melania has two brand new, devastating attacks that could result in players’ premature loss of life, with the first one being Scarlet Aeonia and the second which is the call to phantoms her. Both of them, Melania springs into the air and deals devastating AoE damage upon landing or in mid-air. Her attacks can cause Scarlet Rot without fail.

How to Defeat Malenia Blade of Miquella

In preparing to fight against Malenia the players must be aware that she is susceptible to Frostbite and Bleed effects, and that her Poise is at the lower side. Melee builds built on Dexterity and Strength can easily stagger her and unleash DPS attacks. Spellcasters and ranged builds should be kept at a safe distance throughout their attack.

Empowering the weapon by using Ashes of War such as Bloody Slash, Blood Blade or Hoarfrost Stomp can greatly help. If opting for a straight bleeding-stacking technique using an upgraded Uchigatana or Ghiza’s Wheel and the Sword of Night and Flame can be used in melee build Spellcasters should concentrate on spells that remove massive amounts of Malenia’s health in one go for example, Comet Azur.

While multiplayer is permitted in this boss fight it is recommended that players bring an upgraded Mimic Tear Ashes to the battle instead. The build you choose having enough health and focus Point Flasks can be of paramount importance, as well as having some conserving Boluses available will be useful. Because Malenia’s biggest advantage over her opponents is her ability to heal herself no matter the fact that her attacks are successful or are blocked, a careful use of stamina and stamina-based avoidance and patience are the key to the success.

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Players must activate Mimic Tear Ashes immediately upon crossing the Fog Door. This allows players the ability to team up with Malenia while being as aggressive with their offense as is possible. Malenia’s first attacks are easily prevented by moving either to either side or to the right. But, once Malenia is able to lose about one third percent of her strength, athletes must be attentive to the arm she is wearing prosthetically. A flash of light will notify them that she is near to perform one of her routines. The players should be cautious of grab attacks, since it may cause death immediately.

Instead of attempting to block her Waterfowl Dance, players should try to make a separation between themselves and Malenia should they want to survive the incoming flurry of slashes. Moving sideways or backwards is not advised, however players are able to prevail using an attack that is diagonal or forward in the event of a push. The melee and ranged versions should concentrate their attack on special moves, with occasional tanking assistance from the created Mimic Tear Ashes.

The most effective plan for this second stage is to allow Malenia’s Scarlet Aeonia attack a wide space and remain in motion, especially when the phantom summoning occurs. If players witness Malenia ascending to the skies and then descending, they must go under her and move on. When she is down on the ground, they should stay away from the flower in bloom. After the sequence Malenia is likely to repeat several attacking patterns that she used in the first phase, giving players a chance to build up their offensive. However, when Malenia is able to leap into the air and hurls her phantom self the players must not remain at a single spot, since the attack will track their position.

Although both phases are equally difficult to master, some are likely to find the second more difficult due to an modification that allows Malenia’s first attacks to bring about Scarlet Rot. If the players win after the fight, they will be awarded by Malenia’s great rune Remembrance of the Rot Goddess and 480,000 Runes. Apart from the abundant rewards, which clearly reflect the game’s end, this boss fight is primarily designed for players of levels 100 and over.

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