How to defeat giants in Elden Ring

Giants in Elden Ring will be one of the most formidable foes when Tarnished explores the Lands Between. You will be thrown on the ground by them once you have gotten your horse and started to explore towards the first story. Although these monstrosities look intimidating with their sagging skin, exposed guts and exposed teeth, they are easy to outsmart, especially if you have your trusted horse Torrent. Below we shared How to defeat giants in Elden Ring

The vast majority of the giants encountered in the game can be found in the open. These behemoths, although large, aren’t the fastest of the Tarnished’s encounters. They will swipe at you several times, but they usually give you windows to counter them after they have missed a few. They are weakest because they can be swung at their knees and fall over, allowing for free hits. If you have the chance, your head should also be a weakness. When your horse is not available, it is a good idea to keep your distance from Torrent.

The same strategy can be used by casters. As long as you dodge correctly, targeting the head and knees will bring the creature to its knees using spells like Rock Sling or Magic Glintblade. Their ranged scream can cause you to be stopped for a second.

Elden Ring will often have giants. You might get the chance to show that you are a master giant slaying master as you progress into the Lands Between. It is a good idea to keep your distance from any large creature that has two legs. Sometimes, size does not necessarily mean frightening.

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