How to defeat Garurumon along with Monzaemon in Digimon Survive

The main characters of Part 4 in Digimon Survive are Garurumon and Monzaemon. They’ll be fighting in one battle, along with their allies. Don’t be fooled, when you’ve beaten bosses with steam to this point but this duo could cause havoc, so make sure you have a backup plan before you go into combat. This guide will give you a few suggestions on how to defeat Garurumon and Monzaemon to ensure that you don’t get stuck with them for the rest of your life.

How can you defeat Garurumon and Monzaemon In Part 5?

The boss battle starts by placing a few Digimon before getting ready to battle Garurumon, Monzaemon, and the rest of the Digimon in the field. We recommend picking your most powerful Digimon for this battle and, in particular, those that turn into a Digimon. Every opponent is at an upper level than you’re used to in this particular fight, and it’s not wise to add weaker players onto the team.

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The best method to defeat this fight is to concentrate upon Garurumon as well as the other two Togemon located on the left side of the field first. After that, once they’ve been defeated then be focused upon Monzaemon along with Monzaemon and his Gotsumon allies. We’ve provided the best strategies to take on these Digimon below.

How do you take on Garurumon?

Garurumon strikes hard and has an attack that can hit the two Digimon at once if they are too close. It’s not as strong against rain damage. So it’s best to move any Digimon which can take it behind or to the left of Garurumon and strike the monster as much as you can. We suggest having three or more Digimon to take on Garurumon while you concentrate on making sure you keep the Togemon out of the area they are spawning in. Two of the Digivolved Digimon are enough to defeat them, however, you can always get additional Digimon to help you out if Garurumon is defeated.

defeat Garurumon and Monzaemon

If you find that your Digimons health is becoming lower, you can use healing items and communicate with them to increase their health. Your goal is to eliminate Garurumon as fast as you can. Then, you must take on the Togemon If they haven’t already been defeated and line your Digimon up to fight Monzaemon.

How can you defeat Monzaemon?

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Monzaemon is the stronger of the two bosses. It can increase the strength of attack of the Gotsumon in its vicinity and also its own should you follow our recommendations and take on Garurumon first. Once you’re prepared to face it the Gotsumon will be closing in and you should make use of water attacks to take out the Gotsumon quickly. Monzaemon is able to travel a great distance throughout the game and will constantly seek to sneak behind or on the other side from your Digimon. If you come up against it, you have to follow the same strategy. Certain Digimon may need to be sacrificed, but you should try to stay away and strike as far as you can to cause decent damage however, you should also allow yourself enough room to utilize healing items in the event of need.

defeat Garurumon and Monzaemon

Monzaemon isn’t weakened by any type of damage, but it is immune to electric or fire damage. Utilize the Digimon which deal with these kinds of damage as chances to boost or heal stats. Hit to the ground with other Digimon. The battle can be intense in the event that you’re overwhelmed by the battle however, continue to move to the left or in front of the boss and you’ll keep the advantage until you’ve won.

That’s the way in Digimon Survive you can defeat Garurumon and Monzaemon. For more information and guide about Games check our website’s, Gaming Section. Make sure don’t forget to like or follows us on our TwitterFacebook page, and Instagram accounts.

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