How to defeat Dry’L Whose Chains are the The Sea of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Dry’L is a powerful force. He is taller than Graveward of Borderlands 3, this beast will pound you with the power of the ocean. Get ready to be soaked because this giant underwater beast is prepared to throw everything at you. Here’s how to defeat Dry’L Whose Chains are the The Sea of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Location of Dry’L Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Dry’L is located in the Godswell. The area is available once you’ve completed your quest in the Drowned Abyss. This quest will take players through into the Drowned Abyss and end at the Godswell. Once you have entered the Godswell you’ll be in Dry’L’s boss’s arena. If you’d like to come back to farm him in the future you can do this via Dry’L’s Gallery quick travel option within the Drowned Abyss.

How to defeat Dry’L

There are several stages to the battle with Dry’L. In the first phase, the boss will be close to the surface you’re on. He will mostly make use of his fists to smack you, slamming into the ground. Sometimes, he will dip his hands in the water and then throw the underwater mines. These types of attacks are simple to avoid by strafing side and to the right. Be on the lookout for enemies that appear out of the water, too. Make sure to use fire in this stage to swiftly reduce Dry’L’s health bar. How to beat Dry’L

how to defeat Dry'L in tiny tina's wonderland

Following the initial Phase, Dry’L will disappear into the water, only to rise to the rear of the arena to begin phase two. Do not run to the water. It can seriously harm your. Dry’L will now possess the ability to spear him and throw. The process will be repeated several times in succession and the spears will create an electric puddle when they fall. After a short time, Dry’L will go back under water and then come back to the platform. In this moment Dry’L will be focusing on his physical attack. He is now able to push his spear through the earth, causing lightning damage. This is usually done at least a couple of times and then leave the spears in the soil in order to leave electrical puddles. Make use of both the fire and shock element guns to eliminate both health bar he’s got in this stage.

Defeat Other Boss in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands:

Once both health bars are exhausted, it’s the time to move on to the third phase. In this stage Dry’L will be using his attacks from two phases. Dry’L will also begin moving between being away from the platform, and closer to it. If he’s far from the platform, he’ll acquire an ability to throw explosive grease balls that cause an enormous fire puddle when they strike. Then, he will begin breathing fire when close to you. Continue to strafe towards the edges of the platform and you’ll be able avoid most attacks. Use both fire and shock damage in phase three too. If you defeat him in the third stage you will be eliminated and you can take the loot

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