How to defeat all Boss in Minecraft

Two mobs in Minecraft are strong enough to be called bosses. Boss monsters are not like other mobs that can spawn in the dark and sneak up on players without warning. They only spawn a few times and have their health bars displayed at the top of the screen when they’re nearby. These boss Minecraft monsters can be defeat if you play towards their intended arenas.

Defeating the Ender Dragon boss

Only the Ender Dragon is found in Minecraft’s End dimension. It is the first thing players see after crossing the portal. The dragon hovers above the arena’s bedrock fountain, before flying between massive obsidian pillars.

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End Crystals can be easily broken with any type of hit, including punches and sword swipes. They stop healing the Ender Dragon. Because they are high up, players should break them with well-aimed crossbow or bow arrows.

End Crystals may spawn with iron bars encircling them. Players will need to climb up with water buckets or blocks in order to break them down by hand. You can also use the water bucket to defend players against aggressive Endermen or break falls.

Although the Ender Dragon can be attacked anywhere in the fight, it is easiest to attack when it lands near the fountain. The players can repeatedly smash the dragon with their swords, even though it is low to the ground. You can also damage the dragon by placing a bed on top the fountain’s central block and sleeping in it. This will cause a large explosion at the dragon’s head.

Defeating the Wither boss

The Wither is a boss mob which can be constructed by the player using four Soul Sands and three Wither Skeleton Skulls. It will take only a few seconds for it to charge up and explode before attacking.

Wither attacks with explosive Wither Skulls that are fired at every player and mob. Its rare blue skulls cause more damage to both mobs and blocks. With its destructive power and passive ability to damage almost all blocks nearby, the Wither is best dealt with far from animals or buildings.

Players can create an arena of obsidian before putting together the Wither. It has a floor, walls and roof that will contain the explosions from the Wither. To replace the blocks that were broken by the boss in the fight, players should keep stacks of obsidian.

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Players should construct multiple obsidian walls within the Obsidian Room. Each wall should be built from floor to ceiling. Each wall should have two or three doors made of one-by-2 blocks. These doorways are large enough to allow players to pass through but too small to allow the Wither to escape. These explosion-proof walls allow the player to duck behind the wall and attack the boss.

For the fight against The Wither, a sword of diamond or greater will be required. It should have the sharpness enchantment in order to do the most damage. To survive the attacks, you will need Netherite or diamond armor with blast protection enhancements.

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