How to cure Frenzy in Monster Hunter Rise – Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak features the legendary wyvern-like monster Gore Magala, who once again grants us the Frenzy debuff. Monster Hunter 4’s iconic monster and the associated status ailment have been plagued players ever since. They have significant story implications for the franchise. But you are not here to learn the lore. This guide will show you how to cure Frenzy in Monster Hunter Rise, Sunbreak.

What is Frenzy in Monster Hunter Rise – Sunbreak

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The story of Monster Hunter: Frenzy has its roots in the Monster Hunter games. Rise and Sunbreak expand on the mysterious disease’s implications for the world. Frenzy virus can be transmitted by airborne viral agents to both humans and monsters. The latter may experience more severe symptoms or even die. Gore Magala, one of the major vectors for Frenzy is a significant ecological threat.

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Frenzy’s in-game effect is consistent with the legend. It infects players as a disease and allows them to recover quickly. Frenzy is a common effect of Gore Magala attacks. In particular, all area-of-effect hits inflict it. After being clipped by one of these attacks the player is placed on a timer. During that window they must either inflict a certain amount of damage to Gore Magala, or the debuff’s effects. They lose all of their natural healing and are subject to increased Gore Magala attacks damage. This makes the fight extremely difficult.

How to cure Frenzy in Monster Hunter Rise – Sunbreak

Frenzy cannot be treated with consumables and is not a normal condition in Monster Hunter Rise. Frenzy is not resistant to any armor or other items. You can only prevent Frenzy’s effects by either completely avoiding Gore Magala attacks (which is impossible) or by dealing enough damage to it before Frenzy triggers. This is a mechanical representation of the in-lore effect of Frenzy: When you are afflicted by Frenzy, it causes you to enter a desperate frenzy for survival.

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Frenzy is a monster that can be easily defeated in Monster Hunter Rise. Sunbreak. Frenzy is susceptible to blast and fire damage and slightly vulnerable dragon and thunder damage. Using these damage types will give you a good chance of defeating Frenzy before it gets too late.

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