How to craft epic and legendary tools in Lost Ark

Learn how to craft epic and legendary tools in Lost Ark

Some players might not realize that Life Skills are an important aspect of Lost Ark until much later. It’s easy to have enough resources to harvest every day thanks to the Stronghold player. You’ll need the right tools to get the best out of your gathering adventures. How to make Legendary and Epic Tools in Lost Ark

How to craft epic and legendary tools in Lost Ark

Visit your Stronghold to craft Epic and Legendary (Expert and Adept) tools in Lost Ark. The management window can be accessed by pressing CTRL+1. Navigate to the Workshop tab and then to the Tools section. This section will contain a list with all the tools you can craft. While you may only have rare (blue), craft tools, there are Epic, Legendary and Master tools that can be purchased from vendors in the Stronghold.

Visit your Stronghold’s Crafting Recipe Exchange to purchase Crafting Recipes. The following Trade Skill Tool Recipes are available to purchase:

  • Crafting Recipe – Adept Tool 100 Adventurer’s Seal
  • Crafting recipe: Expert Tool 250 Adventurer’s Seal
  • Crafting recipe: Master Tool 500 Adventurer’s Seal

These recipes are available for every trade skill tool: Gathering, Logging and Mining, Hunting and Fishing, Excavating, and Mining.

Needed Materials for Crafting Tools in Lost Ark

These are the materials that you will need to craft tools in Lost Ark

  • Apprentice Tools – 1 Apprentice Craft Kit, 3 Tool Crafting Part, 15 Rare Relic, 24 Ancient Relic
  • Adept Tool – 1 Adept Kit, 8 Crafting Part, 15 Strong Iron Ores, 15 Rare Relics, 24 Ancient Relics
  • Expert Tools 1 Expert Craft Kit, 28 Part, 30 Strong Ore, 30 Tool Crafting Part. 32 Ancient Relic.

These bonuses can be applied to your handcrafted tools:

  • Super Armor (immunity against Paralysis)
  • Increased gathering speed
  • Drop rate for Basic Reward has been increased
  • Drop rate of rare material has increased
  • You have a greater chance of receiving special rewards
  • There is a lower chance of tools breaking down.

Crafting and running treasure maps will provide the necessary Craft Kits. These must be first researched through the Stronghold Lab. You can get anything you want, from an Apprentice Craft Kit to a Expert Craft Kit by running the maps. If you want to make some extra cash, the latter can be sold for a large amount of gold.

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