How to complete the Golden Swag quest in Escape from Tarkov

Golden Swag: The Golden Swag quest is fourth of the skier’s quest within Escape from Tarkov, and his practice of giving more difficult tasks than Prapor is now in full swing. To complete the quest to be completed, you have to locate a golden Zibbo (lighter) and drop it in an exact location.

Similar to similar to the Pharmacy quest the players will have to traverse between two areas in the Customs with an item in order to finish the quest. The first step is to locate the key to room 303 in the three-story Dorm and then proceed to the towards the southwest and drop the lighter near the park for trailers.

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Mission Brief

You’ll require two keys for this job but it can be accomplished in multiple steps. The first key, the Dorm room key 303 is needed to unlock the quest area and recover Zibbo the Golden Zibbo. A second one is the Trailer Park Portable Cabin Key which is required to unlock the trailer and place the Zibbo on. The keys are available at the Flea Market or in Scavs.

Dorm room Dorm room

The 3 story Dorm of the Customs map (western building) is where the players will need to go for the initial phase of the quest once the key is located. Enter the room and pick up the Zibbo which is found on the desk. It is important to note that this item is only available during the time this quest is in play and it’s placed in the inventory of the quest after picking it up. So, players won’t have to worry about the item falling off should they decide to end up expiring prematurely.

Dropping off the key

While Dorms are a messy mess, this segment can actually make it more stressful because of a thirty second unlock timer. Take a southwesterly route from the Dorms to the to the south from Big Red, and find the trailer pictured.

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In the event that players have the needed key that they have, they’ll be able to open the trailer. It takes a lot of time. It’s recommended to be near the southern part of the map, with an eye-over-watch toward Big Red to make sure that there aren’t any other players around. Once you’re certain, you can unlock the trailer and engage with the desk in order to set the lighter in.

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