How to Complete the Forging Iron Quest in Destiny 2

The Forging of Iron is the first quest to Destiny 2 Season the Haunted’s version IB (Iron Banner). Bungie has eliminated traditional bounty systems, and instead has introduced an ongoing challenge which has caused some disorientation in Destiny 2 players.

Forging Iron is a quest that aims to guide you through the modifications in the Iron Banner this season, and we’ll guide the user through Forging Iron through this guide to Forging Iron.

How to Complete Forging Iron in Destiny 2

Step 1 – Play a Game of Iron Banner

Once you have completed for the Forging Iron mission from Saladin inside the Tower the first thing you’ll need to do is to play a round that is called Iron Banner. Before you begin the music, however there’s a checklist of tasks you’ll need to take care of to ensure that this game goes as fast and as smoothly as it can.

The first step is to ensure that you’re making use of the Void or Solar subclass. You’ll need to finish the Iron Banner daily challenge as part of the challenge, and one of the challenges each day is to finish three matches using the Void or Solar subclass. Therefore, you should make sure you have them ready in advance.

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In the second, ensure that you have the most Iron Banner armor as you can. The reason behind this is twofold. The first is that there’s a Forging Iron quest line which will require you to obtain 300 rank points. The rank points are a multiplier after every one of your Iron Banner matches for each piece of Iron Banner gear you’re wearing. This multiplier is further enhanced by equipping the Iron Banner emblem and completing the daily challenges. Another reason to wear this type of gear is that there’s a quest which requires you to finish matches in Iron Banner gear, so making it available in advance will allow you to skip the step.

Once you’ve mastered the correct subclass and equipment after which you’re able to start to jump to Iron Banner and begin playing your first game.

Step 2 – Complete an Iron Banner Daily Challenge

When you’ve completed the first step of Forging Iron You’ll then be required to take on the Iron Banner daily challenge. The first day will require you to play three matches that use either the Void and/or Solar subclass. If you have one of the two available beforehand, you’ll just require two matches.

Step 3 – Earn 300 Iron Banner Rank Points

The third step in Forging Iron will be the most lengthy stage of the entire journey. In order to complete the task you’ll have to collect 300 Iron Banner points. It’s important to raise the multiplier of rank points. It’s possible that this process may take around six or seven rounds, but you may be able to finish it in about five or six games depending on the type of armor you’re using. Iron Banner armor.

Step 4 – Collect an Iron Banner Engram Form Lord Saladin in the Tower

After this you’ll have to return towards Saladin in the Tower to get one of the Iron Banner engram. If you’ve been playing games using Iron Banner gear equipped, it could be the final step in your quest.

If you’ve successfully completed the required number of matches for the 5th step, then Forging Iron will immediately finish when you take the Engram.

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Step 5 – Complete Iron Banner Matches While Wearing Iron Banner Gear

In the event that you don’t, then you’ll have to re-join your Iron Banner playlist to complete additional matches, but this time in the proper equipment. If you have more Iron Banner gear you wear here, the quicker the quest will progress.

Step 6: Speak to Lord Saladin inside the Tower

When you’ve played enough After that, visit Lord Saladin’s Tower after which Forging Iron will be complete.

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