How to complete the Armen’s Whereabouts Quest in Lost Ark

Armen’s Whereabouts Quest: When you reach the final game content in Lost Ark, you’ll spend much of your time hunting down the man who goes by Armen. The pilgrim is on the hunt to discover the mysteries of the continent and fight the evil forces which threaten the continent. He may find himself at the the receiving end of an assassin’s knife and the person is often there to help him out if he’s in trouble.

In the main story of Lost Ark, you’ll get an adventure called Armen’s Whereabouts. The quest is relatively easy to complete, however it will require a some hopping from one location to another to finish.

How to complete the Armen’s Whereabouts quest

In the Morai Ruins adventure, you’ll be faced with an intense boss battle to defeat which is followed by an action sequence where Armen shows his true self out for a brief moment. After the fight is over then the player will be left on their own in the Morai Ruins and is left with no big bad, and no Armen to provide company. It’s time to go back and report on this story.

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You’ll need to go toward Yudia within Saland Hill to speak to Thunder. Her location is indicated in the above map. She’ll mention that she was concerned about the flash of light , but is happy to see you back in good health and safety. If the conversation shifts to Armen She’ll guide her to the shaman whose name is Foxfire.

Foxfire lies at Ozhorn Hill, which is located in the Yudia region, and it shouldn’t take too long to get there. Go west, following the marker for the quest on your map. It’s not necessary to talk to Foxfire to complete the task, but. The quest to locate her begins by walking into the area. When you have entered into the Ozhorn Hill area, the Armen’s Where are theyquest will be completed.

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