How to complete Iron Fist Alexander’s quest in Elden Ring

Iron Fist Alexander Quest: Iron Fist Alexander has been able to establish himself as a most talked about character following his public unveiling prior to Elden Ring network test at the end of in the year. He has the playful and spirited manner of a knight from Catarina with a fresh (but similarly iconic) form. This is the definition of peak performance.

Alexander’s search is long and complex and involves interactions at nearly every step of the main route. The broad outline of the quest is listed below the steps, each of which will be discussed in greater detail after. Certain of these steps, like the first two are not required, but they will give the quest a bit of some depth. If you’re looking to get to the final stage this questline, then you’ll have to complete both Jar Bairn as well as Diallos quests.

Elden Ring Alexander quest summary

This article will go through each possible option in Alexander’s pursuit:


Alexander is found first in Stormhill in East from Stormveil Castle. He’s in a ditch close to an encampment of the enemy, as well as an area of grace that leads to a bridge that has an Mad Pumpkin Head. As you get closer, you’ll hear him call for assistance. (Alexander quest in Elden Ring)

Alexander is likely to ask you to get him out of the way with a savage attack, so be there in front of him and give Alexander a few whacks with whatever weapon you’re using. Be attentive to Alexander’s conversation regarding who he is and about the Radahn Festival, and after taking a rest at a place of peace, he’ll be off to his next destination.


The next destination in the Pot Boy World Tour is Gael Tunnel, early on in Caelid. This is also the site of the awe-inspiring moonveil Katana that is among the finest weapons in the Elden Ring. There’s a back entry point to the tunnel in Limgrave that allows you to converse with Alexander but in order to finish the dungeon, and to hear what Alexander has to say in the location, you’ll need to go through the main entrance of Caelid which is marked above.

Clean the dungeon and then unlock the door. Alexander is at the opposite side. End Alexander’s conversation here before he departs for his next adventure, the Radahn Festival.


After you have gained access to Radahn’s festival by completing Ranni’s quest or by stepping into through the Altus Plateau, you’ll be in a position to meet Alexander inside the palace courtyard Redmane Castle before the boss. If you didn’t get to earlier encounters with him, it’s likely you’ll be the only time you’ve met Alexander..

Alexander is summonable during The summoning of Alexander is possible in Starscourge Radahn boss battle, however, summoning Alexander does not appear to be necessary to complete the quest. Previous FromSoftware titles including Dark Souls 2, had strict prerequisites to summon NPCs to be able to play their complete quests. Based on my experience, I was able to complete Nepheli Loux’s story by summoning Godrick to Godrick as I only summoned Alexander during my first run against Radahn. He was not there in my final fight against the boss.

After beating Radahn and sitting in the Site of Grace, you are likely to discover Alexander close by. You can continue to exhaust his dialogue, and he’ll head to his next destination. (Alexander quest in Elden Ring)


Alexander is going to require a bit of grease when he is next stuck. In the end, the only way to get this oil pot item is to craft them using an item from the Nomadic Warriors Cookbook [1717 purchased through the Nomadic Merchant located in Siofra River underground region. Siofra River underground region.

At Siofra River Bank Siofra River Bank site of grace, continue to the north, keeping away from the enemies along the way. There’s some scaffolding to allow you to ascend the next set of pillars that are in your way. Take it up, then continue west along the scaffolding to the cliff’s edge until you come to the point where you are able to fall down and meet the seller.

The book is available for 1,000 runes. Then make the pots using the help of one broken Potand One melt Mushroom per.


Alexander is located in the east-central Liurnia of the Lakes, to the to the south to Caria Study Hall and the artist’s Shack location of grace as well as in the Caria Study Hall.

He returned to take an excellent view of his hometown of Jarburg(also significant to the goal) and has seen his large body buried in the earth. Throw a few Oil Pots you crafted at the guy to get him greased up and then hit him with a few smacks from a weapon that is heavy.

After having exhausted his conversation It’s a good idea to visit the city of Jarburg to speak to Jar Bairn. Jar Bairn. It’s possible to reach him by ascending with the massive gravestones sticking from the cliff the spot where Alexander was. Jarburg along with Jar Bairn are prominently featured in the last stages of Alexander’s quest. They add some meaning to his travels, and are included in the NPC quest in the questline for Diallos Hoslow of all people.


Alexander is now heading south to Mt. Gelmir to “strengthen his own strength.” Gelmir is a bit more literal than you’d imagine: he’s looking to bake the exterior of his clay more by the hot volcanic heat!

Alexander is located in the southwest of Alexander is located southwest of Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace. Maps are a bit confusing, as this zone is accessible by following the canyon to The Seethewater River Site of Grace located in the western region of the Altus Plateau. The area cannot be reached from the Volcano Manor. not accessible via Volcano Manor. Volcano Manor, although Patches could knock you out of the area when you follow the Rainbow Stones near where Anastasia, Tarnished Eater invades.

Between The Seethewater Terminus and Alexander’s location You’ll be faced with the Magma Wyrm boss fight. Its moves are similar to the one you faced during Gael Tunnel, however it’s been adapted to match the current stage of the game and you should keep this in mind when you battle. As you approach Alexander You’ll be able to hear Alexander calling out. (Alexander quest in Elden Ring)

You can walk across the lava, and it will slow you down and cause little damage. There’s a big island within the lava close to Alexander’s spot, from where you can converse with Alexander and accept his present, a beautiful and beautifully-crafted jar headgear. Alexander remains until you’ve exhausted all your dialogue when you’ve defeated that Fire Giant.

If you go to the north from here, you’ll also be able to fight another Demi-Human Queen , and obtain the formidable Comet Azur sorcery from Sorcerer Azur, an element of Sellen’s Questline. The most important thing is that you obtain the Prattling Pate which proclaims “You’re gorgeous!” that is essential for the perfect ending to Boc the Seamster’s quest line. Utilize the outcrop’s rocky slope to leap across into the mountain. you’ll find an entrance to the Gelmir Hero’s Grave the dungeon


Alexander is available for summoning again to face the Elden Ring boss. Like Radahn it is not necessary to summon him to advance your quest. He’s not available to talk to anyone in the Mountaintops and you’ll be able to converse with him during any of the games ending levels.


Alexander is scheduled to appear in the location above in the film Crumbling Farum Azula. In typical Souls style the story comes to one of the most sad endings, with Alexander asking for to fight for his life. There are many confusions when compared to the regular Living Jars, but if you beat him and you win, you are then able to take on him again. To be able to get there it is necessary to get the Stonesword Key imp statue. Bewarethat the Alexander quest will also get rid of the dragon which is normally found on this platform, suggesting that Alexander gave the dragon a good shake.

After you have defeated him, speak to Alexander one last time and in the midst of your tears, you’ll discover that he left you the Warrior Jar Shard, powerful talisman that can strengthen Ashes of War and the Alexander’s innards.

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