How to complete Hide ‘n Squeak and find three penguins in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

When you’ve acquired the ability to soundwave in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope’s second world, Pristine Peaks it will allow you to tackle a variety of brand new side quests. One of them is known as Hide ‘n Squeak that involves tracking three penguins missing from the game. When you encounter the Spark Regenesis in the frozen lake You’ll be required to locate its companions.

How do you find the first penguin in Hide and Squeak?

The three penguins are all close to the lake. The third can be found near the waterfall, near the bridge. Utilize a soundwave to break the rock’s glow and locate it. Take it out and throw it into the boat on the lake for it to be returned homethe throw will rise automatically if you are near enough.

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How do you find the 2nd penguin in Hide ‘n ‘ Squeak?

Head to the southwest portion of the lake. You can enter the pipe and utilize your soundwaves to smash down the blocks along the path until you reach that ledge of the penguin. It’ll be rushing between small gaps, so use your sprint to stop it. Return it to the boat, too.

How do I find the penguin with the 3rd name in Hide ‘n’ Squeak

The penguin that is the third is in the tree close to the Item Shop on the lake. You just need to shake it to shake it loose and then take you back on the vessel.

How to complete the Hide ‘n Squeak side quest

The return of all three penguins the quest for the third penguin is nearly complete, however you’ll need to complete an encounter in order to complete the deal. To eliminate all three Darkmess Eyes, you must first smash through an explosive seed and throw it into the next Eye. Be aware that the lower right eye, from where you begin is a little weird: you need to throw the seed over the bridge that is broken for it to join. Be aware of the enemies and stay together and you’ll be through the fight fairly easily. Your reward for your efforts will be the addition of Regenesis to your squad.

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