How to build and fortify a base in Project Zomboid

Are you looking to fortify and build a base in Project Zomboid. This guide will show you how to build and fortify a base in Project Zomboid. A post-apocalyptic zombie simulation. The game begins with you as a normal dude who has no clue what’s happening. Once you get bit, it’s over. Multiple maps and lots more playability.

There are many things that you need to know, but it is important to be familiar with them all. Did you know how to fortify and build a base in Project Zomboid. This guide will help you to get started. Let’s get started.

How to Build a Base in Project Zomboid?

After you’ve created your character, search for a hammer if you don’t have one. You can’t build a shack that is 1 meter square without logs, nails, and hammers. How do you find it? You will find a hammer in many of the wooden crates that are scattered around the map.

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Muldraugh, KY is a great place to find them, especially in the large warehouse east McCoy Logging. Hammers can be found in many houses, particularly two-story homes or garages. However, it is difficult to know where they came from.

Once you have the hammer in hand, right-click on the ground to open the building menu. You don’t have to equip the hammer, just keep it in your inventory. You’ll see a variety of objects that you can build when you open the build menu. Many of these are highlighted in red.

Red means that you don’t have enough supplies to complete the construction. Select the construction you want, rotate it with the R key, then click on it when you have all the materials. This will allow your character to start building.

How To Fortify Your Base Or Building in Project Zomboid?

No matter how well you set up your base, you will need to barricade all windows and doors. Project Zomboid will require you to construct barricades that are longer than normal in order to keep out interested zombies from entering your base and cornering it.

Your barricade will be helped by a few items. The first step is to select a material for your barricade. For a stronger defense, you can use metal sheets or bars instead of wood. Before you can barricade, you will need wood planks. These are some ways you can get them:

  • Use an ax to cut down a tree, and use a saw and an ax to make planks.
  • To disassemble furniture, use a saw and hammer. These tools can be purchased in stores and warehouses.

Once you have all the materials you will need tools to build the barricade. If you are using wood, two nails will be required for each plank. If you want to cover a whole window with four planks, eight nails will be required.

You can sometimes buy 100 nails in a box. This is enough to cover most doors and windows on bases. If you intend to cover windows with sheets or metal bars, you will need a propane torch and a welder mask.

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Planks, nails and hammers are all common in Project Zomboid’s warehouses and construction vehicles.

You don’t need to use any particular materials to barricade windows. When you have all the necessary resources and tools, select barricade from right-click menu.

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