How to bounty hunt in Weird West

Bounty hunt is one of the many wild activities that you can do in The Weird West. The Bounty Hunter is the protagonist of the first adventure, but any one of the five protagonists can participate in this activity. This will put money in your pocket, and you’ll have more fun later.

You must accept the bounty as a first step. Each town has an icon that tells you what’s there. A crosshair is a bounty board. This indicates that there are new bounties available. Check the board in your local town to find out. You can track down up to three criminals, and can accept as many as possible.

Bounties have time limitations so be aware of how far each one will take you. After accepting the bounty, you will see the criminal’s exact location on your map. The good news? Once the criminal has been arrested or killed, the time limit ends. While you won’t always be able to choose whether they are alive or dead, it is often possible. You can simply enter the hideout with your guns blazing if you want to take on the gang boss. You can take the evidence of your killing off the gang boss.

You will need to be more stealthy if you want them to die. This applies only to the gang boss. You can be lethal with the other guards in your base, but violence is the only way to go if the boss is not alerted. After you have knocked out the criminal unaware, you will be given a prompt to arrest them. You can then sneak out of the camp and they will follow you in handcuffs. You can still deliver the boss alive even if it turns violent as long as you don’t get caught up in the crossfire.

You will need to return to your town to claim the bounty. Talk to the sheriff and hand over proof of death or the criminal. Then, claim your reward. It is possible to start a vendetta by bringing in a bounty alive. Their gang will likely attempt to shoot you down if they spring for you. This is an exciting event that you should be prepared for.

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