How to beat Palette Prime Darkmess Root in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Palette Prime Darkmess Root: If you arrive on Mario and Rabbids: Sparks Of Hope’s 3rd planet you’ll have two main objectives to fulfill. One is getting to the town’s plaza. The other is to remove the Darkmess from the forest which were stripped of colour. When you decide to go for that, you’ll need to face a huge Darkmess Root that caused all the problems. It’s a battle that has two phases and you should read this article to find out the best strategies for both.

How to beat the Darkmess Root – Phase 1.

The fight begins with a small lift that is guarded by a few enemies as well as the huge Darkmess Taproot. If you’re familiar with your memories of the Darkmess Tentacle of Beacon Beach, you’ll recognize the swishy eyes that line the taproot. The trick is that the three eyes have to be destroyed in one round or else, they’ll respawn. Rabbid Luigi or Rabbid Mario are great to accomplish this. The Rabbid Mario’s Disruptor is able to bounce off more than one eye and the second’s Dukes can slash through all three eyes if you target the attack’s triangular range precisely.

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The removal of eyes is easy because it’s the first step to get the lift going. It is necessary to eliminate all enemies in this area before it is able to arrive. The ability to heal or use shields can help here as any damage sustained will be carried through to the next phase. Be careful and make sure you be sure to take care of Squashettes and Wildclaws for the next phase.

Palette Prime Darkness Root in Mario + Rabbids

How to beat the Darkmess Root – Phase 2

If you reach the bottom of the well you’ll have three taproots eliminate The identical rules will apply. you need to get three eyes on each of them in one go. The good thing is that since this is the final phase of the fight it’s your turn to be more aggressive and squeeze the three roots. Use the jump pads to keep you in motion. You could utilize one of them and then do a group jump during the same cycle of movements.

Phase one can be a bit difficult due to the limited area, but the second phase allows for more space. Remove the remaining roots and you’ll be able to take down the entire Darkmess bundle.

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