How to beat Imelda the Sand Witch in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Glutton’s Gambit DLC

Imelda is the boss in the Glutton’s Gambit DLC in Wonderlands. She comes with an army full of gingerbread skeletons. The boss is a hungry beast. She has even modified her body to eat more. It is not an easy task to take Imelda on, but it is necessary in order to complete the DLC. Here’s how to beat Imelda, the Sand Witch, in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

How to beat Imelda the Sand Witch in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Imelda has many tricks up her sleeves. You will find a large cauldron at the center of her arena when you enter it. Imelda will be on a balcony you can’t reach. There are many other balconies that you can use in the room to make your shots.

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Imelda will use her staff to launch elemental missiles at you when the fight starts. You can avoid them by running. Your health bar will be decimated if you get hit by the balls.

How to beat Imelda the Sand Witch in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Imelda will spend most of the fight teleporting across a balcony to the right, left, and center. She will be surrounded with barrels which can block your shots when she is in the middle. You can use the launch pads to navigate the area and reach the various balconies from which to shoot her.

Fire weapons are great for her as she has a red health bar. Elemental orbs will begin to launch from the cauldron at the center of the room when her health reaches half-health.

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Continue to move around the room shooting at Imelda, until her health reaches 25%. She will then enter her second phase. She will transform into a large goblin by jumping into the cauldron. Throughout the second phase, she will stay in the cauldron. Imelda will use her large spoon to launch food items at your face during this phase. These items will be in poison element.

To avoid being hit, use the columns and shoot gingerbread skeletons if you fall. To avoid being hit, keep shooting her from the balconies or ground floor. She will eventually fall and the fight will end.

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