How to beat Bedrock to win in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope

Beat Bedrock : Each Planet within Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope has a big boss to take down and Palette Prime is among the most powerful. Third planets are where you’ll meet Bedrock which is a tough tank. In order to defeat her, you need a specific method, so continue reading to discover precisely what you must do to be successful in this battle.

How to beat Bedrock

It’s obvious that your weapons do not cause any damage to Bedrock. Even Bowser who is with you for the fight, cannot penetrate her hard exterior using the rocket launcher. It’s a good thing that having four players in this fight can be an enormous aid.

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Here’s the method: as that of the Giant Wildclaw boss, Bedrock will move towards shooters even if it doesn’t harm her. It’s important to lure her into the barrels of explosives that are located in each area of the. She launches a slamming attack prior to moving forward. when you get her to start doing this on those barrels, the latter will explode out and take huge portion the health bars of your player. Repeat the process four times and she’ll be defeated.

It’s a straightforward approach, but you must be aware of issues in the process. One of them is her slam, even in conjunction with her movements, can cause enormous damage. You must be ready to heal yourself with Rabbid Rosalina. This slam is actually damaging enemies as well which is why you need to remove them from the picture so you can concentrate on Bedrock. Bowser’s special and weapon is great for cutting down the herd.

It’s essential to ensure that the field is clean, but it’s an ideal time to hammer jumping pads, team jumps and jumps while you leap over the piles of explosive barrels that are scattered around the arena. Keep moving Keep Bedrock moving as well and you’ll destroy her health bar within a matter of minutes. It’s likely that this is more straightforward than other ones that preceded it.

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