How long do storms last in the The Cycle Frontier

Storms are a crucial part the story of The Cycle: Frontier. When you land on Fortuna III, storms can be seen overhead and could wash away your map making it more risky to explore. This guide will explain the duration of storms throughout The Cycle: Frontier, to let you know what type of cover to search for.

How long does it take for storms to stop (The Cycle: Frontier)?

Since the game is out for some time the players have been able to determine that storms last around five minutes. There are exceptions, of course. Some storms can be longer, while others may be shorter however this is the typical time the storms will end when you’re on Fortuna III.

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If you notice a storm approaching you should try to locate an area with a puzzle or something fun to do in the building to ensure that you don’t have to wander around or be bored. If you don’t do this, you may be able to lose everything as you’ve put your life in danger during the stormy weather.

How do storms work?

The primary thing storms accomplish is to prevent players from descending onto the ground or getting off of Fortuna III. If you’re at the station at the time of a storm’s arrival it is impossible to drop off and go away while the storm is active , even if you’re already in the world. Dropships aren’t available to call when the storm is in full swing which means you’ll have to stay put and hope that you don’t meet another player that wants to take the loot.

But, they also increase the likelihood of finding better loot. Certain resources are only available following a storm and they also reset the loot from places you’ve visited previously.

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Therefore, it’s best to ride out an uninvolved storm in a safe location if you can, as the rewards you’ll get following the storm will be worth your effort. The only issue is the dangers of aliens and other players you’ll have to take on to gain access to the treasures you’ve been wanting.

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