How does crossplay work in Dead by Daylight?

Behaviour Interactive’s extremely popular Asymmetrical Horror title Dead by Daylight has amassed an immense following that increases with every new Chapter. The game is available on different platforms such as mobile and also allows Killers to hunt down Survivors that are not part of their own environment. This guide will explain how crossplay work in Dead by Daylight, so you’re aware of who could be pursuing you when seeking to get out of The Entity.

How does Dead by Daylight crossplay work?

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To play with colleagues on different platforms, first make sure that crossplay is turned on in the game’s settings. To enable crossplay, go to the Settings menu and switch your ” CROSS-PLAY” setting to ” ON.” Then, as you are ready for the Trial the game will connect you to players on compatible platforms. This means that everybody can play with each other, since every console, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One Xbox Series X/S PC and Stadia players can play together in one Trial and play together. Dead by Daylight Mobile players can’t join to players on these platforms due to playing a distinct version of the game.

You can invite friends to Dead by Daylight through the same Settings menu, and enjoy them on any the platform they are playing on. You’ll need to make use of Dead by Daylight usernames, not, for instance, Steam usernames or other similar accounts with similar names. This is due to the fact that Dead by Daylight operates within its own its own internal parameters and doesn’t utilize the specific platform’s data and functions for multiplayer.

Does Dead by Daylight is cross-platform?

How does Crossplay work in Dead by Daylight

As of the date when this article was written, Dead by Daylight is cross-platform due to the fact that Behaviour Interactive has enabled limited advancement across platforms. The progress you make on your account will be transferred to Stadia as well as Steam on PC however, this progression isn’t accessible from the other platforms. Nintendo Switch has no cross-platform feature in any way. PlayStation 4 and PS5 players PS4 and PS5 have access to the same account, and move between both consoles. Similar to Xbox players, however, the progress will be kept within the respective ecosystems and won’t be transferred to other platforms. Also, Dead by Daylight Mobile is technically a distinct game, and therefore the progress can’t be transferred to another platform.

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