How do you beat Fire Giant in Elden Ring

When you reach Elden Ring, as you climb the Mountaintop of the Giants in Elden Ring, you’ll meet the Fire Giant, a towering adversary with devastatingly powerful attack options. If you’re able to knock down this giant you’ll leave with an abundance of Runes as well as the prized Remembrance of the Fire Giant.

The Fire Giant is situated in the east of Church of Repose Site of Grace. The bridge is comprised of chains and then pass through an Mist Gate that leads to the boss. This boss will be fought in two stages.

How do you beat Fire Giant in Elden Ring

Phase 1

In the initial phase , Fire Giant will walk around using a shield, which tends to strike you with. It is important to remain on your horse the majority of the time, however there’s one particular attack which you’ll be able to avoid while walking. We defeated this boss by making a circle while riding the horse. it is recommended to remain directly beneath the horse (between the legs) or behind him all the time.

The goal is to strike the left foot of the Fire Giant with an elastic rope around it. When you’ve hit it hard enough that the rope breaks leaving the giant’s weakness and you’ll need to hit.

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Below is a complete list of every attack that the Fire Giant has in its initial phase, and what you can do to counter the following:

  • It is a snowy wave. The massive is going to put its shield in the ground and push it outwards to unleash a huge snow swathe at you. You can’t evade this attack from your horse. If you can see the huge push its shield against the snow, get off your horse and prepare to take on the attack. You can easily dodge the move by avoiding it when the wave is close to. This move is only available to the Fire Giant only does this move when you’re located in a distance from him.
  • Double stomp: The gigantic steps on his feet one at each time. Just move away from the giant to stop this action.
  • Shield attacks Attacks with the Shield: The Fire Giant will frequently try to strike you with its shield. It might smash the front of its shield directly onto the ground, or even dig its sides deep into snow. The giant may also try to strike you with a double-hit combination. These can all be avoided by staying in the shadow of the giant, and behind it. If you happen to be directly in front of the giant, you can roll over each of these attacks when they are about to hit. There’s no chance of being damaged because of the invincibility frames. (Fire Giant in Elden Ring)
  • Roll: The gigantic may occasionally move its shield from one side before throwing its body into the form of a roll. If you’re caught in roll’s path, you’ll be able to take some harm. If you’re riding a horse, try your best to avoid this motion’s direction. We’ve observed that staying in the shadow of the massive is usually the best option.
  • Jump Slam: Similar to the shield slam maneuver in which the giant takes the leap and then slams its shield into the ground. If you’re in the vicinity of the giant, then you’ll be protected from this attack.
  • Dash attack The giant will put his shield behind him prior to running forward and trying to strike you with his shield in front of him. If you’re riding then dashing toward him during his turn should let you get behind him, making you secure.

When you cut the rope that wraps around the left foot of the Fire Giant. The Fire Giant will learn several new moves.

  • Fireball The giant’s left hand uses to fire projectiles towards you. Simply run or dodge away from the direction to avoid it.
  • Homing fireballs: The huge fireball is a slow-moving, floating fireball that continues to follow you until it hits something, be it the object or you. It can also explode if it doesn’t strike something for a long time. When it explodes it’ll set the floor to blaze for a short period of time The ground that is on fire will cause damage to your feet if you walk over it. Keep moving to stay clear of the attack.
  • Pillars of fire: A big is likely to kneel and summon a number of fire pillars that surround him. If you spot small areas of flame under your feet as you watch the leader kneel, sprint off from his. This fire attack comes with a huge AOE and is able to cause an enormous amount of harm to the player.

After you’ve brought the Giant reduced to half the HP it has, an animation be shown of how the leg that is left of the monster breaks off in an incredibly brutal way. After the cutscene is over and the second part of the battle will begin. (Fire Giant in Elden Ring)

Phase 2

It’s a bit different. Fire Giant is a lot more stationary during this phase however, your tactics is the same. It is important to remain close to him and most importantly, attack him from behind. There is no longer any weakness which is why you should not be concerned about focusing on your ankle. The best strategy to use in this situation is to cry on his back, and making sure you be aware of any AOE attacks. Avoid approaching this boss from behind; his attacks from the front are risky and could easily kill you.

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Below are the actions this boss makes during his second phase and the best way to respond to these:

  • Slams and punches Slams and punches: Giants tend to strike with slams and punches the direction of his. Keep to the side or behind him to stay clear of them or roll around the attacks if you happen to are in the path of the giant. Sometimes, he will strike his fists at the ground. Do not engage in this kind of attack by using the same method.
  • Roll: Like the previous phase Roll: Similar to the previous phase, the Fire Giant will roll around to create space between you and him. If you remain behind the giant, he’ll not be able to hit you with this attack. He usually rolls left or right but never in reverse.
  • Multiple homing fireballs: The same idea as the homing fireball attack in the previous stage, but now , the boss will spawn two of the fireballs. If you’re hit by oneof them, it’s likely that you’ll be hit by the other as well, which can cause death. Beware of this attack by running away from the flames.
  • Fire pillars: Functions in the identical way as in the earlier phase. Escape to avoid injury.
  • Fireball: Functions exactly the same way as in the earlier phase. Run/dodging either to the left or right to stay clear of them.
  • Fire rain The fire rain is a novel method. The boss will lie back to ensure the chest of his facing upwards and then shoot a series of explosive projectiles from his chest. The projectiles fall on the boss. Incredibly when you keep your back to the boss’s back, you’ll stay clear of virtually all projectiles.

When you have defeated The Fire Giant, you’ll obtain an astounding 180,000 Runes and an Remembrance of the Fire Giant.

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