How do horses work in Weird West

Horses are a must in any title that depicts the wild west as prominently as the Weird West. Horses will be an important mechanic for players, regardless of how they choose to travel.

Pre-purchase Weird West users will be given a Calamity starting horse which can be found in the mailbox at the start of the game. If you don’t have a horse, you can purchase one from the stables scattered around the map. It will cost approximately $200. Boon hunting in Weird West will be more difficult if you don’t have a horse. These timed events could expire if they aren’t reached in time.

Moving about without a horse, aside from bounty hunting is possible. The title encourages players explore at their own pace. A horse can cut travel time by half and allows for more traveling across the entire Weird West. You will need to buy a horse for certain characters, but the cost increases as they complete their chapters.

You can also steal horses from players in scenes they load into. However, it will cost you Honor. The horses can be used to travel from one place to the next, but they are not allowed to leave after completing a single journey. You might find yourself in a situation where there are no horses for you to steal. However, for others, this could be worth the risk for more than $200.

However, stealing horses means players lose additional inventory space. Cowpokes will find their bags full of loot while exploring the Weird West. They may also have to use the inventory slots from other characters. A saddlebag inventory for horses offers 32 additional slots. A shared storage system is available to all horses. This means that a horse with ore can be found in another chapter with another horse.

Horses cannot be upgraded to travel faster. Horses will not be able to move faster in new chapters of Weird West. However, the horses that are bred by stallions with higher prices can still travel the map at the same speed. We have found that all horses we have seen so far are able to match their speed (regardless of whether they were stolen, purchased, or gotten a pre-order bonus). This is measured by the horse’s ability to travel between two points on the map.

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