How to heal in Weird West

Like every game heal is a very important in Weird West. So, here in this article we discussed about

How to Heal in Weird West

No matter what difficulties you face within Weird West, expect you and your group to be ill at the end of every game. The RPG has numerous methods to recover regardless of the amount of money you’ve got or where you’re. Here’s how you can stay well-maintained at every time within Weird West.

The most effective and efficient way to heal is drinking and drinking in nearby buckets of water and Cacti. They can provide small amounts of HP however they are abundantly populated in each area of the game. It’s also worthwhile collecting dead bodies and looking through stores for any types of food items they might contain. If you find them, bring your body to the campfire to cook various items that will heal you anywhere between 5 to 20 HP.

Furthermore, players are able to recuperate by lying in bed in towns and camps. The beds in towns are usually found on the top floors of homes that are empty. There are also doctor’s offices that provide full HP repair at $11, however you can also buy bandsages for $28 that you can keep to use later. Of course, some players prefer to receive treatment in camps at no cost, and this can be performed by clicking on vacant spaces on the map. This location could be home to several dangerous animals around However, the camp always has a bed as well as a campfire.

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