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Guide of Lost Ark Scrapper Engravings

We cover all aspects of Lost Ark Scrapper Engravings including the best choices and recommended alternatives.

The Scrapper is a melee-martial artist who uses a heavy gauntlet as well as two inverse forms to energy to deal consistent damage. This class is one of the most powerful in mobility and attack, and well-balanced for any encounter. This class is well-suited for any team because it has high disruption skills. They can be used to interrupt and counter a number of annoying boss mechanics.

Scrapper is one class that has access to two counter skills. The rest of the moveset has a unique feature: each skill generates a meter for the opposing color. This fusion of skills allows for fun and fluid rotation, which opens up options for you to play your preferred style. The yellow meter represents Taijutsu and the green meter, Shock Training. Below is a guide that will list all Lost Ark Scrapper Engravings along with suggested options for each build.

Lost Ark Scrapper Engravings

Two exclusive engravings are available to the Scrapper, just like every class in Lost Ark. There are many engravings that can be used to enhance your stats or compliment your playstyle. These engravings are ranked according to how important they should be. You can add engravings to the list as you gain more levels and unlock them. This class will focus on the Taijutsu Engravings and Shock Scrapper Engravings.

Scrapper Exclusive Engravings

  • Taijutsi – The natural recovery speed for stamina energy has been increased by a percentage depending on the Taijutsi engraving level. The Stamina skill’s damage goes up by the same percent as Shock skill damage.
  • Shock Training: Shock skill damage increases by a percentage. Every second, a percentage of maximum Shock Energy is recovered.

Taijutsu’s Top Scrapper Engravings

  • Taijutsi
  • Adrenaline
  • Master Of Ambush
  • Grudge – (Lv. 3 or do not use
  • Cursed Doll
  • Keen Blunt Weapon

Recommend the following scrapper engravings

  • Shock Training
  • Adrenaline
  • Master Of Ambush
  • Spirit Absorption
  • Grudge – (Lv. 3 or do not use
  • Cursed Doll
  • Keen Blunt Weapon

Taijutsu Engraving players will have a faster-recovering meter, and can use yellow skills more efficiently. The green skills do 30% less damage as a trade-off. When your yellow skills are up, burn them and then use the green skills to empty the meter. Shock Training, on the other hand, enhances green skills and increases green meter gains. Shock Training has one drawback: green skills can be a little slower to learn.

Both Scrapper Engraving options can be used regardless of which option you choose. We can see that there is a similar number of players who use either Taijutsu or Shock Training from the leaderboards of top players in other areas. You will want to choose one of the two and increase your level to three, unlike other classes. You can do whatever you like. The Engravings list can be accessed by following our recommendations. For Taijutsu, it’s a good idea to choose Swift and Crit for faster speed. Shock Training will, however, focus on Crit and Spec.

Other Lost Ark Engraving Builds

  • Sorceress Engravings
  • Engravings
  • Gunslinger Engravings

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