Guide: Lost Ark Gunlancer Engravings Builds

We’ve got all you must know about lost Ark gunlancer engravings including the best selections as well as other options that we recommend.

Gunlancer’s meter generates identity. There are two methods to consume it. Build up the meter by gaining red and blue abilities, and then dump it applying one of the two identity abilities. The defensive Stance creates an armor for high defenses to speed up movement as well as the other skill that takes you to a specific location and offers a party-wide reduction in damage and crowd-control defense.

There are two paths that you could take to obtain Gunlancer Class Engravings: Lone Knight and Combat Readiness. They are both mentioned as Red as well as Blue Warlord in the Lost Ark community. Combat Readiness is a tanky build that doesn’t have to be worried about dying or even performing boss mechanics. You absorb damage and then deal the damage to enemies. Lonely Knight is a more fast-paced build, and you’ll burn through your meter fast, but you won’t be able to take advantage of the Shield of Battlefield ability. Below, we’ll provide a list of every one of the Lost Ark Gunlancer Engravings along with suggested options to use each Combat Readiness and Lone Knight Engravings.

Lost Ark Engravings of Gunlancer

As with every class like every other class in Lost Ark Two exclusive engravings are available to the Gunlancer. The players aren’t limited to these two however, there are a myriad of other engravings that can increase your stats and enhance your game. They are listed according to priority of the best way to get the best one. As you progress and unlock more engravings, you are able to scroll down the list to include other engravings. For the Gunlancer We’ll take a glance at both how to build the Esoteric and the intention GunlancerEngravings build.

Lost Ark Exclusive Gunlancer Engravings

  • Combat ReadinessDamage to normal skills rises. Shiel damage increases when in the Defensive Stance. Damage is increased by 10 seconds after being hit when in the defensive Stance (stacks 3 times and one time every second).
  • Lone Knight- Gunlance skill increases the rate at which Crit Rates increase. The damage to the Crit increases. Battlefield Shield cannot be used. The consumption of Shield meters when in Defensive Stance increases 100%.

Recommendations for Gunlancer Engravings to Improve Battle Readiness (Blue)

  • combat Readiness
  • Barricade
  • Awakening
  • Spirit Absorption
  • Adrenaline
  • Stabilized Status
  • Grudge (Lv. 3 or do not make use of)
  • Cursed Doll

Recommendations for Gunlancer Engravings to Lone Knight (Red)

  • Lone Knight
  • Super Charge
  • Spirit Absorption
  • Master Brawler
  • Keen Blunt Weapon
  • Adrenaline
  • Stabilized Status
  • Grudge (Lv. 3 or do not make use of)
  • Cursed Doll

So what Engravings do you choose? Based on the top leaderboards in other countries, there is significantly higher numbers of blue warlords (Combat Readiness). There is however, a many players who take the two Lone Knight and get it up to level three and Combat Readiness at level one.

The primary stat priority in combat Readiness is Specialty. There is a secondary one being Crit (about 3:1). It is recommended that the Red Warlord should focus stat priority on Crit as well as the Swiftness sub-status (about 2:2). No matter what you choose Gunlancers have the unbeatable ability to manage almost all kinds of content effectively.

Further More Lost Ark Engraving Builds

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