How to Get Umbreon in Pokemon GO

If you’re looking to acquire an Umbreon for Pokemon GO, here’s what you should be aware of!

I’m pretty certain that if you conducted an online questionnaire among Pokemon enthusiasts and inquired about their most favorite Eevee’s transformation is, surprisingly majority would choose Umbreon. I’m not entirely certain why it is, and I am someone who is a fan of Umbreon personally, but I think people love Umbreon because of reasons. Perhaps it’s because of the same reasons people are drawn to black cats. There’s something charming about a tiny creature of the dark that is completely loyal to you. Maybe it’s because of the awesome glowy parts. No matter what the case, if it’s important the cute and adorable black cat/fox/fox thing around and you’re looking for a way to find Umbreon within Pokemon GO.

The many evolutions of Eevee result from a mix of catchy candy and other external influences. Naturally, the first step in getting any Eevee evolution or even one called an Umbreon is to capture an Eevee. Because Eevee is a normal type and is found almost everywhere from your local town square to your personal backyard, if you’re lucky enough. Once you’ve spotted the first one, you’ll have to get around 24 more, since every Eevee change is a cost in the amount of Eevee Candy.

Get Umbreaon in Pokemon Go

How to get Umbreon in Pokemon GO

When it comes to acquiring an Umbreon there are three ways that are proven to see your Eevee transform into an Umbreon:

  • The Random Method: Random Method Random Method is pretty much exactly what it says. If you find an Eevee and then immediately offer it 25 Eevee Candy, as long as there aren’t any external influences involved, such as Lure Modules and Lure Modules, it will transform to one form completely at random. This means that you have an one-in-eight chance that Eevee could evolve into an Umbreon in the absence of prompting. This is clearly not the best method.
  • The Name Method: A Name Method can get you the exact one of Eevee’s evolutionary paths, 100% guaranteed. Each Eevee evolution, there’s an individual nickname that is that is associated to the evolution. If you choose to give your Eevee the nickname you want, and after which it evolves with Eevee Candy It will be sure to develop into the shape the name is corresponding to. In the case of Umbreon’s the name can be described as ” Tamao.” It’s not clear to me know what it’s a reference tobut this trick will work. Be aware, however this method is only effective only once. The other Eevees you name Tamao can never be certain to develop into Umbreons.
  • The Proper Method: In the end, we can finally have The Proper Method, the method that guarantees you an Umbreon regardless of what although it does require the greatest investment in energy and time. When playing the classic Pokemon games, Eevee’s transformation in Umbreon, Espeon, and Sylveon is dependent on your level of friendship with it. The same holds true for Pokemon GO either in a way or. All you have to do is make Eevee your friend, and then walk a total of 10km with it, and earn at minimum two Eevee Candy during the process. When you’ve reached that point it’s time to hand over Eevee the Candy at night, and it’ll transform into Umbreon. Keep in mind that it must be at nighttime. If you attempt it during the daytime it’ll transform into Espeon.

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