How do you get The Undead Pact legendary ward in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Get ready to walk on the dark side of the world with The Undead Pact legendary ward. This terrifying ward is sure to send your enemies running for hills once its power is activated. The power to activate this weapon is the fact that it shoots out three corrosive skulls which shoot lasers every time one of them fail to function properly. The skulls are a an excellent backup plan in case your ward is damaged. Here’s how to obtain this Undead Pact legendary ward in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

As with other famous items in the game Like many legendary items in the game, the Undead Pact is considered a world drop. It can be found in almost every loot item in the game such as minibosses, bosses, chests and even normal enemies. This means that you can obtain this ward at any point throughout the campaign, and even at the end. The ability to farm this shield is another option, but to achieve this, you’ll need to be prepared for battle.

legendary ward Location

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As this ward is themed after undead It is only fitting to have one of the bosses skeletonized within the game would drop it. The boss you’ll need to hunt for this area is Zomboss. This monster in Shattergrave Barrow just after you’ve completed the tutorial game. After defeating this boss, you can quickly make the return journey by heading towards The Grave Nave fast travel point. The process of farming this boss is simple and is achievable using almost any weapon available that is available in the game, without difficulties. We always recommend that you increase your Loot Luck before making a quest for the legendary equipment by searching for Lucky Dice throughout the map. You can also boost your stat by finishing your Shrine of Aaron G.

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