How to get the Rogue Imp in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

The Skulldugger guns have taken the place of COV weapons of Borderlands 3. The guns do not have clips. Instead, they overheat when you shoot for a set period of time. Rogue Imp has an interesting result that occurs in the event that it gets too hot. Instead of requiring an energy source to cool down the weapon fires missiles that hit enemies with homing. Here is how you can get the Rogue Imp in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

About Rogue Imp

It is the Rogue Imp is among the numerous weapons available in the game that are believed to be drops from the world. These weapons are likely of dropping from any significant loot source within the Wonderlands. Some of the most valuable sources for loot are bosses, minibossesand chests Lucky Dice, and even regular enemies. While the majority of weapons are able to be gathered through specific areas or even enemies but it is the Rogue Imp is only a world drop. There is, however, an opportunity to acquire the weapon quickly.

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The process of farming with the Rogue Imp requires you to finish the game in order to are able to unlock the Chaos Chamber. It is the Chaos Chamber is a randomized underground dungeon located within the Queen Butt Stallion’s castle located in Brighthoof. You should perform two things to improve the success of your Chaos Chamber runs: increase the chance to win and boost the Chaos Level. The Loot Luck of your character can be increased by locating your Lucky Dice and completing the Shrine of Aaron G. In addition, increasing Your Chaos Level can be done by doing Chaos Trials in the chamber. When you’re at ease with both, you can begin running for longer periods within The Chaos Chamber.

After every Chaos Chamber run, you are able to access a loot-room filled with rabbit statues. Each statue will sport a distinct symbol above their heads, representing different types of items available within the game. In you Chaos Chamber run, you have accumulated a lot of crystals. Make sure to spend all of them on the statue of the assault rifle rabbit. This will ensure you have the best chance of getting Rogue Imp. Rogue Imp.

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