Where to Get the Polite Emote in Lost Ark

There are a variety of emoticons available within Lost Ark that will help you get absorbed in the RPG’s various aspects. In particular, you’ll need a few of these emotes for certain quests. One of them is the Polite emoticon which is why the game is a bit difficult to find out where you can obtain this one up. If you’d prefer a step-by step guide on how to locate the emote, we’ve got you covered. Find out where you can get the Polite emote from Lost Ark.

A lot of Lost Ark emotes are locked in quests, and you will be given rewards for completing them. When you face quests like “In Lynnis’s Footsteps,” you’ll need to use specific emotes which you may not be able to do. This is probably the reason you’re asking where you can get an Polite Emote. This guide should aid you!

Where to Get the Polite Emote in Lost Ark

The Polite emote a reward when you complete this Becoming a queen quest with Vivian at Neria’s Taven in The Luterra Castle area. The quest might be locked by other quests in the Luterra Castle area, so it is recommended to go through every yellow side quest and finishing the short objectives prior to completing this one.

The quest of Becoming Queen will require you to inquire with Thirain about the requirements to become Queen. Vivian is a barmaid , who is aspires to be Queen and making an impact in Luterra. After speaking with Thirain and you’ll have to talk with Meehan who is sitting close to Thirain. Then, you’ll be referred to Anessa whom is expert in proper queenly qualities and manners.

After you have spoken to Anessa after which you’ll be able to finish the quest and earn the Polite emoticon, as well as 140 Silver as well as a the Roster as well as Combat XP.

Where to get Polite emote in lost ark

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