Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2: All Tank Locations

Fortnite Tank Locations: Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 brings many new features to the battle royale game mode. One of the most notable additions is the IO Titan Tanks. A few are scattered across the map. Although tanks are slow, they can do serious damage due to their built-in gunner seats and turret. Thermal targeting is also available to help you spot enemy tanks on the battlefield.

Below are all the tank locations for Fortnite Chapter 3. Season 2. There are a few major landmarks on the island where you can find tanks. You can find tanks at five of the main tank spawning locations. If you’re looking to increase your chances of getting one, visit any of these locations off the drop.

Fortnite: All Tank Locations

Below we have mentioned the 7 locations of Tank in Fortnite..

  1. The Fortress
  2. Tilted Towers
  3. Coney Crossroads
  4. The Daily Bugle
  5. Rocky Reels
  6. Condo Canyon
  7. Command Cavern

Tanks spawn close to blimps, as a rule of thumb. Open up your map to search for large blimps within the IO and 7 zones. If someone has already grabbed the tank and driven away, you will likely find one nearby. We recommend landing at The Daily Bugle during the match if you want to guarantee a tank spawn.

Fortnite Tank Controls

These are the controls for Fortnite’s tank:

  • Left-click – Fire Cannon
  • Right-click Thermal Targeting
  • L-Shift – Boost
  • B – Honk
  • LCtrl-Switch Seat
  • E – Exit

You can only use the Left-click button to fire your weapon, L-ctrl for switching seats, and E to leave if you are on the turret.

Although tanks have lots of health, players and other obstacles can cause tread damage. Players can repair them with a Repair Torch. To destroy a tank, you can damage the engine and overheat it. The engine is located in the rear of the tank.

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