Fortnite Omni Chips Locations : Camp Cuddle, Sanctuary, Synapse Station

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is well into full swing, and we’re moving into week 3. You’ve probably been going with the Omni Blade quests particularly if you’re trying to alter the appearance for the Omni Sword. One quest requires players to get an Omni Chips from Camp Cuddle, Sanctuary, and Synapse Station in Fortnite. We’ll cover all of the locations listed below so that you can get this off of your wish list.

Fortnite Omni Chips Locations

If you’re working on the Omni Sword’s Chip quests within Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 You’ll need to gather a variety of different Omni Chips in different locations on the island. The process will allow you to alter the shape of your Omni Sword. The Omni Chip has three within every one of those areas and you’ll be able to follow the steps in the next section for instructions.

Camp Cuddle Omni Chips Locations

One of the Omni Chip is underneath the red bridge which lies close to the south of the home with the red roof to Camp Cuddle’s north. Camp Cuddle. Go under the bridge and you’ll be able to be able to see an Omni Chip.

Second Omni Chip is on the west shore of the lake, at Camp Cuddle. Take a trip to the pier using the boat and canoe, and there is an Omni Chip sitting on the wooden planks.

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Finally, you can discover an additional Omni Chip in southern Camp Cuddle in the cabin that has a green roof. It is located just to the left at the end of the chimney on the 1st floor.

All Sanctuary Omni Chips Stores

One of the Omni Chip is underneath an archway that is part of one of the buildings located in the southern part within the Sanctuary. It’s not the southernmost structure, but it is the one that is above it is.

Second Omni Chip is at the highest point of the building that is located in the Sanctuary. Enter the building, climb up the steps, then onto the balcony on the east that faces the church. It is possible to see the Omni Chip in plain view.

The last and final Omni Chip at the Sanctuary is situated outside of the northeastern building. There’s a small square on the outside of the building, with an outdoor table and tent. It’s the Omni Chip. Omni Chip is located in the corner in front of the table with wooden legs that have ceramic pans and clay pots on the table.

Synapse Station Omni-Chips Locations

First Omni Chip location is in the northern area of Synapse Station. It is located in the building’s second floor balcony. Step out the sliding doors and it will be to right on your balcony.

Second Omni Chip location is at the building situated on the lake. Enter the building and you’ll be able to see an Omni Chip on the first floor, which is open to the public.

Then, head towards the building located at the Synapse Station. The last and third Omni Chip in front of the main entryway.

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