Fix: Telegram Not Downloading When Screen is off or in Background

Telegram is quite well-liked by users due to its ability to share and downloading of large media files quickly. However, Telegram is the download manager in its own way which downloads the files , even when you quit the application within the app. However, recently, many users are experiencing problems where Telegram does not download when the it is turned off or is in the background. Whatever the size of the files the app will stop downloading after the screen turns off or it is on background.

The easiest solution to this problem is to ensure the screen does not go off by using the Telegram application itself. If, however, you regularly download files through Telegram but this is not an option for you, then try some of the troubleshooting procedures listed below.

Fix: Telegram Not Downloading When Screen is off or in Background

The primary reason for the app’s inability to complete downloads is the setting up battery optimization or that the internet is not accessible while the app is running in the background. Below are some solutions that you can use to solve the problem.

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Method 1: Go through the Data Saver Options

Most smartphones come with an option for data saving that intentionally limits the usage of data once the app is running in the background. It is typically set as a default feature on cell network, but it can be activated on Wifi networks too. It is recommended to check the settings and then disable them when you find an option.

Method 2: Turn Off Battery Saver

Every mobile phone (whether Android or iPhone) includes a battery saving option. When you activate this feature, access to the internet for background applications is restricted. This is intended as it can help reduce battery usage.

Method 3: Enable Background Data Access

In addition to overall battery optimization and internet limitation optimization We also have the ability to deactivate individual internet access for apps and internet access for individual apps.

For Telegram If you want to use Telegram, make sure to allow background data, you can do so in the settings for the app. This will let you download any file within the app regardless of whether you shut off the screen or put the app in the background.

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Method 4: Check Internet Speed

To download any file from Telegram you must have a reliable internet connection particularly when you are taking large downloads. Although Telegram has an integrated download management system that can handle fluctuations in data. If you’ve got an extremely slow internet connection, downloading will stop immediately.

Make sure to connect to your internet service provider and talk about plans for high-speed internet so that you can quickly download files from the internet.

Method 5: Keep The App Active

Some smartphones are not able to keep applications that are heavy like Telegram running on the background. This is due to the limitations of customized Android skins (such like MIUI, Funtouch OS, One OS, etc) or because of limitations in RAM.

It is recommended to check the app regularly from time to time to verify that the download is functioning properly. This will ensure that the app is in operation and ensure that downloads won’t get interrupted.


We are now at the conclusion of this tutorial to fix the issue of Telegram problem of not Downloading when the display is not on or is in the background. It is important to note that the primary reason for this problem in the first issue is due to a lack of access to data in the background. Be sure to grant access by using the above procedures.

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