Fix: JBL PartyBox Won’t Turn On Issue

JBL The Party Box is among the most well-known ready-to-go speakers made by JBL. The sound systems are equipped with everything a party lover like me requires. In terms of the quality of sound JBL Partybox series delivers the best sound, it’s amazing that makes it feel as if you’re in the middle of the world and enjoying the music.

However, it’s unfortunate that there was a time that JBL’s Partybox offered the same kind of experience. However, today, JBL Partybox appears to be the device that has the biggest imperfections. In recent times, users have complained that their JBL Partybox isn’t turning on, and that’s why we’re here this day. In this article we’ve discussed some of the primary reasons for this issue and the best way to resolve it if your JBL Partybox won’t turn on the problem. Let’s look at the solutions.

How To Fix JBL PartyBox Won’t Turn On Issue

Here are important fixes that will assist you in fixing the JBL Partybox that isn’t turning on the problem. Make sure you try these steps one after another until you have the correct solution. Let’s take an overview of them:

Fix 1: Restart Your JBL Partybox

Your Partybox could be experiencing technical issues that cause you are able to experience this kind of problem since it hinders your speakers from working correctly. Yet, JBL Partybox users also say that rebooting their devices fixed the issue.

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However, there’s no need to reboot your system rather, we suggest you turn off your speakers as it will reset them to a completely new state of affairs and allow them to go back to normal. Therefore, you can test this out and see if this helps.

Fix 2: Reset It

Resetting the speaker to default settings will erase all data and return the default settings to factory defaults. If you are unable to connect to the device via Bluetooth or it doesn’t switch on this is a fantastic method of troubleshooting. If you do these steps when the speaker is connected to the charger, make sure that it is not plugged in. Once you have unplugged it, ensure that you take these steps to reset factory settings for your speakers:

Disconnect the power source from your speaker. This will stop the speaker from charging when it’s not connected.

Plug the speaker into your system by pressing power to switch it on. Press to power while holding the volume + button and playing. This will enable the speaker to start playing after three seconds.

Fix 3: Defective Batteries

A defective battery might be the reason for the issue. However, the issue would be resolved if the batteries was replaced. One of the primary causes of batteries failing is the times they are always charged too high or are frequently exposed to temperatures.

Both of these causes contribute to a rapid drop of battery efficiency. So, it is suggested to check the batteries in your home or go to your local service center if any technical expertise.

Fix 4. The JBL Partybox Speaker should be charged. JBL Partybox Speaker

If the battery of the speaker has run out of battery, it can trigger this problem. To begin, determine whether the issue is fixable with the help of charging the device via it’s AC adaptor. Therefore, you should connect in the AC Power cord to a wall outlet since it’s all you need and connect the other end of the cord to the back of the speaker.

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Then you can let JBL Partybox charge until the indicator of the battery’s charging shows it’s fully charged. Turn to the JBL speaker once the charging process is completed to determine whether the problem with the speaker not turning is resolved or not.

Fix 5: Check For Damaged

Due to the fact that Bluetooth speakers are susceptible to damage quickly, it is essential to be extra cautious with each pair of speakers. If you spot any crack, damage, or scratch in your JBL Partybox then immediately bring it to the nearest service center.

Unfortunately, in many instances we’ve witnessed the speaker becoming damaged internally and externally, which is quite tragic. So, even in repair centers, there’s only a slim chance of getting the speaker repaired once it experiences any damage inside.

Fix 6: Faulty Circuit Board

A damaged circuit board inside is among the main reasons for this issue. Additionally, the speaker may be damaged when it is flooded with water the circuit board. If this happens the system might need to be inspected as this is the best solution to address the root of the issue.

However, there are the possibility that if you JBL speaker comes in contact with water the speaker could be damaged. So, it is recommended to bring it to a repair center and get it repaired in this situation.

Fix 7: Remove The Dirt Located within the Charging Port

If the JBL Partybox does not turn on, it could be due to a variety of reasons such as dirt and dust are just two of the causes. This is why JBL speakers fall apart when exposed to dirt and other debris.

If, however, the charging port has become clogged by dirt and debris, the speaker won’t work properly. Thus, you could remove dirt and other debris from the port for charging If you spot any.

Keep in mind that a toothpick or any other sharp object is not recommended to clean dirt or recharge your speaker. After that, verify whether the problem is solved.

Fix 8: Try using an alternative charger

Your JBL speakers aren’t functioning properly due to an issue in the charging device you’re using which affects its charging. It is therefore necessary to test a different charger on your JBL Partybox speaker, and then charge the JBL Partybox speaker completely before determining if the issue has been resolved.

9. Fix: Double-check The Cable

It is also a chance you are using a cable that has a damage or cuts or damage, and your JBL speaker may not function properly.

However, in this situation it is recommended to thoroughly examine the charging cable and should you spot any damage within it, you must replace the cable as it is the only option. It is likely the JBL speakers aren’t turning on. The the issue is solved by replacing your cable as well as charging it completely.

Fix 10: Help Desk

The best option to resolve any issue you aren’t able to handle by yourself is to call the nearest service center. We suggest you first visit JBL’s official support website and file a complaint. After you’ve completed this, visit any service facility near you and request the service staff to resolve the issue. But, you’ll be able to receive a repair for free when your device is in warranty.

That’s all there is to know about how to fix your JBL Partybox, won’t turn around on its own. We hope you learnt something from this. In the event that any one of them strategies worked for you, inform us in the comments below.

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