Fix: Apex Legends Mobile Inverted Controls/Y Axis Missing

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have just begun rolling across Apex Legends Mobile across the world via Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Initially the beta access for closed beta was made available in the past calendar year. And it appears that the developers have learned some good lessons from other battle royale titles to enhance gaming. However there are certain Apex Legends mobile players are experiencing the Inverted Controls/Y Axis Missing issue when using controllers.

There are a lot of players who have been submitting reports on various forums and platforms on the same issue as they don’t know the reason Apex Legends Mobile doesn’t come with an inverting Y-axis feature. Strange! While the game does support an inverting of the Y-axis during motion game that utilizes a gyroscope sensor in your mobile phone.

Therefore, there’s no problem with this. However, those who play games on mobile devices using controllers should be concerned with the inverting control of the Y-axis.

Fix: Apex Legends Mobile Inverted Controls/Y Axis Missing

Apex Legends Mobile provides three distinct gameplay options including physical mode, touch mode, and motion mode. We’ve already discussed that the motion mode operates with a gyroscope , it works pretty well with the Y-axis ‘ invert. But what is the controller’s support? A lot of Apex Legends Mobile players are having difficulty playing an modern shooter because of the reverse Y-axis aim with controllers.

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If you’re experiencing the issue of missing control inversion or Y Axis on Apex Legends Mobile with external controllers, follow this tutorial to try solving the issue. While there’s no official confirmation of the issue at present an alternative solution is accessible for iOS (iPhone) users. Therefore, without further delay we’ll get into it.

  • On your iPhone open the settings application
  • Go to General & then Tap on Game Controller.
  • Go to Custom Controls and then tap on the the right thumbstick.
  • In this case, you’ll have to choose invert vertically.
  • It’s easy to invert the controller’s functions across all iOS device.
  • It’s all set. This time, you won’t be facing an Apex Legends Mobile inverted Controls/Y-Axis Missing error any more with the controller that comes with your iPhone.

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