Fix: Adobe Premiere Pro Crashing/ Freezing on Windows 11

Adobe Premiere Pro Crashing: Adobe Premiere Pro is the most effective, beautiful, feature-rich, and reliable editor software for video. With this software, you have the ability to create edits and beautiful videos for professional usage and social media platforms. However, some Adobe Premiere Pro users complained that the program stopped working on their brand latest Windows 11 system.

There are many reasons for this problem, some users believe that this crash problem happened when they attempted to launch Adobe Premiere Pro software. Some users have reported that the issue happened during their work. But, if this problem occurs to you and you’re not isolated, and you will get some solutions to the problem on this page. Check it out.

Fixes for the Adobe Premiere Pro Crashing/ Freezing on Windows 11

FIX 1: Update driver

One of the main causes of Adobe Premiere Pro crashing or freezing problem is due to the damaged or corrupted Graphics driver. The best option is to upgrade your driver as soon as you can. For this take these steps.

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  • Use Device Manager within the Windows 11 search box and start the search results.
  • Then , expand the Display adapters and choose the Graphic driver you’ll need to upgrade.
  • Just right-click the driver that you wish to update and choose an Upgrade driver option from the menu.
  • After that restart your computer and determine if the issue has been resolved.

You can automatically update your driver using any trusted third-party driver update program. There are a variety of these tools online, so you can pick one.

FIX 2: Reset preferences

Sometimes, resetting your preferences can assist in solving your Adobe Premiere Pro crashing or freezing issue that you are experiencing on Windows 11. Windows 11. In order to do that take these steps.

  • If you click for the option to start Adobe Premiere Pro, press and hold the Alt key for a couple of minutes.
  • On the newly-appearing prompt, click “OK.
  • After this, verify whether the issue has been solved or not.

FIX 3: Disable GPU acceleration

Some users have reported that disable the GPU was a way to fix their Adobe Premiere Pro crashing issue on Windows 11. To do this take these steps.

  • Start Adobe Premiere Pro and click on Files.
  • Select Project settings and then click the General option.
  • In the new window, in the in the newly opened window, under Video Rendering and Playback Section select the Renderer option. Then, choose the Mercury Playback Engine Software Only option and then click OK.
  • After this, you can restart your computer and then check whether the issue has been resolved for you.

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FIX 4: Clear media cache files

In the majority of cases the root cause of this Adobe Premiere Pro crashing issue in Windows 11 may be corrupted media cache files. In this scenario it is necessary to clean all Media caches. To do this take these steps.

  • Start Adobe Premiere Pro and click the Edit tab at towards the upper right of your screen.
  • Select Preference, then select the Media cache option.
  • In the Media Cache files section, click the Delete button.
  • Once completed restart the computer to determine if the problem is solved or not.

FIX 5: Close CPU/ memory-hogging application

If you’ve got a lot of unneeded apps that are running in the background, your system might be unable to handle the load which can cause Adobe Premiere Pro to crash into your system. The best way to prevent this is to shut down CPU or memory-consuming programs that are running in the background. To do this you must follow these steps.

  • First enter the word “task manager” into the search box of your Windows and begin to open the first search result.
  • Then , click on the Processes tab, and then locate the programs and applications that require a lot of memory resource.
  • Select the appropriate apps and then click the End task button.
  • After this, you can restart your computer and verify whether the issue is fixed or not.

FIX 6: Repair overheating components

If the cooling system of your computer isn’t working correctly it could cause your system to overheated after running this Adobe Premiere Pro app for an extended period of time. If that happens, your program could crash suddenly. The most effective solution is to cool your system. To do this, remove the dust particles off the system, put your system in a cool area and then use a powerful cooling system to cool your system.

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The following are the most effective solutions to this Adobe Premiere Pro Crashing/ Freezing on Windows 11 issue. Alongside the solutions above it is possible to uninstall and reinstall the program’s most recent version.

We hope the information contained in this article can help you in resolving this problem. For any questions or feedback, leave a message in the box below.

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