Where can I find Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring?

Most RPGs have mimics that are annoying at best. They will attack you when you think your chest is about to give you something. However, mimics can be quite terrifying in Souls games and Elden Ring. Real terror is only experienced when you play with random Hollows and watch them transform into giant bears in a flash of smoke. The Mimic Tear is a powerful mimic that transforms into a powerful copy of your character. It is possible to have this formidable foe on your side. At least, in spectral form. Here are the details on how to obtain Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes from Elden Ring.

About Mimic Tear Spirit

The Mimic Tear Spirit, which is debatably one of the most powerful summon spirits in the game, summons a duplicate character with the same stats, weapons, armor and stats as your original. It’s similar to fighting a Mimic Tear. It’s as simple as it sounds. Imagine two people attacking each other in a pincer attack. You must spend HP to summon the Mimic Tear Spirit, which is different from other summons in the game. It costs 660 HP, so it could prove deadly if Vigor isn’t high enough. The risk is worth it, however, as well as the actual process of getting the Ashes.

Where to find Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring?

Step to get Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes from Elden Ring

  1. Defeat Starscourge Radahn in Caelid
  2. Follow the path to Nokron from Fort Haight West, Mistwood.
  3. The Mimic Tear is defeated
  4. Continue on to Night’s Sacred Ground. Open the fog door at the chapel using a Stonesword Key.
  5. To earn the Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes, defeat the enemy

You must defeat Starscourge Radahn before you can hunt for the Mimic Tear Spirit Ashes. He is found in Redmane Castle, Caelid. Radahn is defeated and a huge meteorite falls from the sky to strike the Lands Between. This creates an underground passage that will take you to your destination.

Fort Haight West, in Mistwood, is where the meteorite’s impact point is located. You can find the large hole it made in the ground by making your way there. Continue following the path until you reach Nokron, the Eternal City. Nokron is an easy area to find and will feel familiar if your previous Souls games were linear. Follow the obvious path to the Fog Door. On the other side is the Mimic Tear.

Although I admit that the Mimic Tear can be intimidating, its one weakness is your gear. The Mimic Tear will come with exactly the same weapons and armor as you are wearing when you cross the fog. You can simply cross the fog wearing your birthday suit. Then, summon some random spirits to keep it occupied and re-equip the gear. You can easily defeat it because it won’t change in form.

Continue on the path, and you will find Night’s Sacred Ground. You can walk along rooftops after the Mimic Tear has been dealt with. You are looking for an old chapel. Behind the altar is an Imp Statue, and a fog gate. To lift the fog, crack the Imp Statue and you will be faced with one enemy. You can take them out in any way you want and claim the Mimic Tear Ashes. Be sure to cover your body before you summon it. You don’t want it to be exposed when it’s yours!

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