FIFA 23: How to improve Player Personality in Player Career Mode

Player Personality in FIFA 23 Player Career mode places you in the shoes of your own soccer player. Your player comes with three different personality types which could fall into based on your choices. These are Maverick, Virtuoso, and Heartbeat. Each one of them will provide bonuses to various aspects, which is why increasing the Personality score is crucial in the quest to be an elite. Fortunately, the procedure to upgrade all three types is similar and makes the process easy. This is how you can change the Player’s Personality.

The most effective ways to improve your player personality in FIFA 23

There are a variety of ways to improve Your Player’s Personality. Below, we’ll discuss them in the order that we have found to be the fastest.

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Meet your Match Goals

In advance of each game you’ll be presented with some goals. It is also necessary to choose the one you consider to be “enhanced.” If you succeed in completing this task you’ll earn additional points for your Personality. Additionally, you earn points for performing different tasks during the game, so be sure you read your report after the match and take note of which stats give you points in your selected character.

Do your weekly training

Training is usually utilized to gain XP in order to step up and increase your abilities. However, every type of training also relates to a personality. The effect isn’t that significant but it does add up over time.

Shop til you drop

How to Improve FIFA 23 Player Personality in Player Career Mode

FIFA 23 has added several new player choices that you could make in your career. These can be used to spend your earnings and most of them will improve at the very least one of your personal qualities. Be sure to keep your eye on these and your account balance as you progress throughout your professional career. Like training, these little increases will accumulate as time passes.

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