End of the Line Quest Genshin Impact Puzzle Guide

The process of solving puzzles, increasing your standing, and adding some attractive characters to your team is an everyday life of Genshin players. Genshin player. However, Genshin Impact sometimes throws its players with a few curveballs, by adding challenging challenges to the game to reward players. Remember Watatsumi Island? For those who don’t know, it was a maze based on using the power of electro to spin boxes. There were three stages to complete it, and boy was it an absolute head scratcher. Genshin Impact is back-at-it-again with an all-new puzzle that requires the use of a Compass. We will show you on how to solve that “End of the Line”  quest puzzle by using Genshin Impact’s Fantastic Compass.

End of the Line Puzzle Guide & Walkthrough

The “End of the Line” quest requires players to participate within the Perilous Trail event where your task is to complete the puzzle that is focused upon the Fantastic Compass. At the beginning, you’ll be confronted with Yanfei Yelan and Xiao. Then, you’re introduced to an action sequence and then you must go to an internet domain.

End of the Line Quest Genshin Impact Puzzle Guide

Once you’ve reached your domain’s location, Yanfei takes the control of the domain.

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Here’s the information you’ll must do to complete the quest:

  • Fight two waves of enemies
  • Remove the tree sprouts near the compass that is half-buried
  • Use the compass to interact with you.
  • Enter the gates and engage Yelan and Yanfei
  • Make contact using a switch in the compass
  • The needle should be moved forward until it’s in the far-right
  • Pass through to the entrance and engage Xiao
  • The purple shroud is a target for eyes
  • Eliminate the spider web that is blocking the cave
  • Utilize the compass inside the cave. Move the needle backwards until it’s pointing to the to the left
  • Pass through the gate
  • The compass will be revealed. Make it move forward, so it’s facing the right-bottom symbol
  • Run through the gate

When you’ve completed this you will be greeted by an animated cutscene. Following the cutscene, you will be presented with primogems, as well as other rewards. After this, you will also be able to go through Yelan’s story mission, “Umbrabilus Orchis Chapter: Act I – Calculated Gambit.”

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