Elden Ring’s unlikely hero “Let Me Solo Her” is the perfect example of the game’s multiplayer

It’s a lonely and difficult existence within the realm of Elden Ring. From the most humble soldiers to the gigantic boss, nearly every creature in through the Lands Between is out to take down a humble Tarnished. Maybe that’s the reason why one person who is a particular case has become the status symbol of a hero within the community. (Let Me Solo Her)

The character that is being questioned, who has been named ” Let Me Solo Her,” has received a lot of praise throughout The Elden Ring fandom, particularly on the game’s subreddit. With nothing more than the t-shirt and a hoodie that resembles a pot, and holding two katanas in his hands, Let Me Solo Her (or “the Jarnished” to those who love puns has put his summoning sign at the door of the most difficult boss of all: Malenia, Blade of Miquella. It’s a daunting task even for the most experienced of players, yet according to all reports, let Me Solo Her simply strolls into the ring and goes on to ruin the origin in The Scarlet Rot one-on-one.

Malenia - Let me solo her

A strange pair

It could be a bit counterintuitive for fans of an intense game to unite around a player who beats the toughest boss of the game for you. The call to “git gud” has been forever associated with games from FromSoftware since the first Demon’s Souls, and Elden Ring’s release saw debate in the air about adding an easier mode. However, the success in Let Me Solo Her is an excellent an example of the fundamental premise that Elden Ring’s multi-player mode is based on.

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In fact, the way in which Elden Ring implements multiplayer within the game appears to be a lot more focused on fun collaboration. While players may be a part of each other’s worlds Elden Ring provides more control over how and how often it occurs and offers plenty of chances to make the experience less stressful, for instance, an Ring that instantly calls another player in to help combat an intruder. It doesn’t matter if you find useful messages left behind by the good-natured Tarnished or summoning an aid to defeat an adversary The options to help an opponent far outweigh the possibilities of causing conflict.

While the players of the community do enjoy the extreme masochistic challenge in Elden Ring and the Souls games, it’s always been a very welcoming space. From writing guides for the most difficult bosses, sharing the best builds for specific gameplay styles, and creating their own summoning signs to provide struggling players with an advantage and a competitive edge, the players in this Elden Ring group, as well as the Souls games in general generally want to help each other to achieve amazing things. There’s been a lot of disagreement about how to accomplish this — just take a take a look at the arguments thrown at each other regarding the Elden Ring easy mode -however, the majority of players desire to help other players assist themselves.

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The hero we deserve

Let me solo her

With that all in mind it’s not difficult to understand the reason why it’s no wonder that Let Me Solo Her has proven to be a huge success. The role of the knight in shining loincloth is in the center of the Venn diagram of things the majority of Souls players enjoy providing a helping hand to players who need it, the thrill of the Tarnished who has unquestionably “gotten gud,” and even an ode in the direction of the game’s strange and bizarre humorous sense. The Jarnished is also able to navigate over the various issues in communication as well as etiquette that are often encountered in multiplayer Souls according to Cameron Kunzelman in his thoughts on the game. The players who summon this companion outside of Malenia’s realm can be assured that they’ll get, precisely, what it’s written on the tin.

The saying goes that no heroes are all wearing caps. Sometimes they just wear an ice jar on their heads and show up with a simple request for assistance: “Let me solo her.”

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