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The Wretch, the weakest class in Elden Ring is at Level 1. It only provides a Club as a weapon and starts at Level 1. It does not come with the armor or shields of other classes, such as the Hero or Vagabond.

About Wretch Build

The Wretch comes with a 10 in each stat. This gives them more freedom to become any type of fighter they want. You can make them fight like a Samurai, or turn them into an astronomer-type magical character. You have the perfect level of control for players who are familiar with the game and have a clear idea of what they want from their character.

Here are some suggestions to help you get started if you’re looking for a challenge, or if you want the precise stat allotment that comes along with the Wretch.

Which build work best for the Wretch

The Wretch begins at Level 1, with a solid 10, in all stats. There is no “best” build, in the sense that one will be better than the others. You have the freedom to build your Wretch into any type of fighter that you desire.

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You are looking for classes that heavily rely on heavy weaponry (ie. Greatswords/Greatspears), you want to make a Strength-based character that can wield those weapons. You can focus your attention on Dexterity if you want to make Keen weapons. You will need to put more points towards Intelligence if you’re looking for a magic-based character.

Any build is fine, provided you pay attention to the right stats. Let’s look at a popular build that uses the Sword of Night and Flame. It’s easy for the Wretch.

Sword of Night and Flame (Wretch) Build.

The Sword of Night and Flame may not be as powerful as it once was, but it is still a useful weapon if you make the right stat investments.

To wield it, you need:

  • 12 Strength
  • 12 Dexterity
  • 24 Intelligence
  • 24 Faith

The Wretch class is not as close to other classes. However, it only requires 2 points in Strength and Dexterity for it to work. The rest can be invested into Intelligence or Faith, as well as Vigor and Mind and Endurance. There will be more opportunities to invest into Intelligence or Faith, without sacrificing Vigor or Endurance like if you chose the Astrologer and Prophet classes.

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This works well with the Prince of Death’s Staff, which you can use as an offhand weapon. You also get the Rancorcall or Ancient Death Rancor spells to increase your effectiveness. You will likely start off with the Astrologer’s Staff, and then move up to a Meteorite Staff as you progress to the Prince of Death’s Staff.

  • Principal stats to invest: Intelligence & Faith
  • Secondary stats that can help: Vigor and Mind

You can start your quest for a melee Wretch warrior by starting with a Greatsword-based build. This is possible because you can find a Lordsworn’s Greatsword in Gatefront Ruins right near where you started the game. If you have other weapons that can scale to Strength, you can turn that into a Strength-based construct. A Colossal Sword.

Greatsword-to-Strength (Wretch) Builds

It’s not too different than what you might see on a Hero, or a Vagabond. However, you can start with the Lordsworn’s Greatsword and work your way up to a stronger Greatsword or similar Strengthscaling weapon.

You can use the R2/RT continuously and take care of all enemies when paired with the Ash of War: War Cry, the Roar Medallion and the Axe Tigman. Good armor will help protect you from any fights that get too close.

  • First stats to invest: Strength
  • Secondary stats that can be used to help: Vigor and Endurance

You might not want to be a Strength-based melee combat fighter. Instead, you may want to look for someone closer to the Samurai or want the thrill of ranged combat with no magic. While you’re learning, you can use Katanas and a Bow to start the game. This can be used as you progress through the game.

Katana-and-Bow (Wretch) Builds

It’s not too difficult to build a Samurai. However, you will need to purchase weapons such as the Uchigatana or the Longbow in order to begin. The Uchigatana can be purchased at the Deathtouch Catacombs, Stormhill, Limgrave. You can also pick up the Longbow at the Roundtable Hold from the Twin Maiden Husks for 1,200 runes.

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You can begin to invest some of the stat points you earn in Strength as you improve your Katanas (such as the Nagakiba and eventually the Rivers of Blood). As long as you are able to roll well during combat, medium armor can be used. You should be able, if necessary, to use skills like Ash of War : Unsheathe and Ash of War : Rain of Arrows.

  • You should invest in the following primary stats: Dexterity (and strength as you improve your Katanas)
  • Secondary stats that can help: Vigor and Mind

The Wretch can be used in any style of game. As long as you understand what you’re building, any build can be made. Stats can vary and so you need to keep your builds within your budget. However, with inspiration from these builds, you can start building your Wretch to the best of their abilities.

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