Elden Ring the Best Astrologer Build guides

Don’t know how to make the best Astrologer Build?

An Astrologer character is one of the Elden Ring class whose stats are best suited to players who want to use magical abilities as their principal method of combat. Although the initial equipment includes some equipment that can be used in close combat but it is the Glintstone Pebble spell and Glintstone Arc spells let players to play a magical character right from the beginning. Additionally, those two spells are beneficial all through the gameplay.

The Astrologer starts with the following stats as a starting point:

  • Rune Level: 6
  • Vigor: 9
  • Mind: 15
  • Endurance: 9
  • Strength: 8
  • Dexterity: 12
  • Intelligence: 16
  • Faith: 7
  • Arcane: 9

Although there are definitely melee magic abilities but the Astrologer offers excellent stats that can aid players to specialize in the range of magic and enable players to maintain their specialization throughout the entire game.

What is the ideal build for Astrologer?

The best Astrologer builds always contain magic. If you’re looking to transform the Astrologer on the melee-magic build (sometimes called the Spellblade Build) instead of focused solely on magic. If you’re starting out in the world of magic, here’s a building to help get you started on the right path.

Starting Astrologer Magician Build

The Astrologer’s first step is the Astrologer’s Staff. It is the perfect tool to cast Glintstone Pebble as well as Glintstone Arc from the beginning. Your shield of choice should be sufficient, but you should look for higher quality equipment later for instance, the Meteorite Staff.

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Your spells are your most powerful at the moment. It is the Great Glintstone Shard is a expensive, but effective improvement on it’s predecessor, the Glintstone Pebble, that only requires Intelligence of 16 to be equipped. Carian Slicer can be a formidable magical melee weapon for adversaries that get close. It requires Intelligence of 14 to be equipped.

You can buy the Carian Slicer magic at Sorceress Sellen in Waypoint Ruins in the western portion of Limgrave. You can also get the Great Glintstone Shard from her however, you must present her with the Academy Scroll prior to her being able to sell you the spell.

It is eventually your goal to advance to spells like Loretta’s Longbow and Carian Piercer to do more damage to your enemies. For Loretta’s Longbow it is possible to shoot targets from a far distance which gives you a strong attack that enemies are unable to stop (especially when you’re charged).

Loretta’s Longbow is located after the defeat of Royal Knight Loretta at Carla Manor and requires Intelligence of at least 26 before it is able to be employed. Carian Piercer is found in the east of the gardens of Carla Manor and needs Intelligence to be at 27 to be utilized.

Although you’ll want to purchase the most efficient equipment, but still be capable of rolling around efficiently (a middle roll) All you really have to do is maintain two or three Flasks for HP and then put the rest toward FP restoration. This will get you started.

  • The most important statistics to invest in: Mind and Intelligence
  • Secondary stats that can aid: Vigor and Endurance

In the end, you’ll want to begin moving to stronger equipment like the Meteorite Staff, and also other useful spells like Rock Sling for enemies that are immune to damage from magic.

You could then choose to move in two directions: continue to be a spellcaster or start taking a dive into the melee magic/spellblade builds. Here’s an example the built for melee spells.

Melee Magician Build

It is still possible to use spells like Loretta’s Greatbow, Glintstone Pebble, Great Glintstone Shard, and Carian Slicer just like before. It is worth using spells like Carian Greatsword in case you require multiple targets at once which is close, but you shouldn’t require many changes from what you have already got before.

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The Astrologer may also think about purchasing a stronger shield. There are some medium-sized shields, like those from the Round Shield that can be equipped with the Astrologer’s standard Strength stat of 8, which provides adequate protection over smaller shields. You could also put in an amount of strength and dexterity to acquire The Jellyfish Shield, which can enhance your spellpower if you choose to use Contagious Fury.

In addition, the Carian Glintstone Staff will boost the power of Carian sorceries you’ve been using, although you are able to keep your Meteorite Staff if you haven’t been able to get it as of yet.

It is also possible to use Ashes of War: Royal Knight’s Resolve using any Dagger weapon, and use it to boost your Carian abilities (ie. Carian Slicer) when needed.

  • Principal statistics to invest in: Intelligence
  • Secondary stats that may assist: Mind, Vigor as well as Strength and Dexterity in case you’re looking for Jellyfish Shield

Perhaps you’re not looking to swing an energy sword that is magical, but would like to cast a new kind of spell.

Crystal Magician Build

While using in mind the Glintstone Pebble, and the Great Glintstone Shard for regular opponents, this build is exploring spells like Crystal Torrent or Shattering Crystal to destroy more powerful enemies or hit a large area.

A Jellyfish shield’s Contagious Fury can be beneficial to increase damage, and it is worth a little bit of Strength and Dexterity when you equip the shield. Crystal Staff Crystal Staff is an excellent weapon for increasing the strength that comes from Crystal sorceries. It is possible to upgrade it with Lusat’s Glintstone Staff or the Regal Scepter of Carian to increase your power.

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A Magical Scorpion Charm and a Godfrey Icon to increase your damage can boost this build. It is also possible to supplement this by using the Ritual Sword Talisman, but it will require a way to cure. You could choose Blessed Dew Talismans that slowly restores HP, or you could choose an incantation called Bestial Vitality Incanation that heals over time.

If you’re planning to go to go for Bestial Vitality then or The Finger Seal as well as Clawmark Seal Clawmark Seal will be necessary in case you do not want making an investment in Faith investment.

  • The most important statistics to invest in: Intelligence
  • Secondary stats that could assist: Mind, Vigor

The Astrologer has a myriad of magical spells at their disposal and they can pick their own method of casting spells from a distance , or being close and intimate with Carian spells. Everyone will have the magic spell they like, by using these types of spells, you’ll be better placed to succeed as an Astrologer.

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